Best Mentoring Blog 2012

In 2011 I created a best mentoring blog ranking that got very popular, actually so popular that I wanted to make this an annual event.
Last year 
some critics about the list were correct, they all weren’t blogs, some of them were company sites as well. This year they are gone and the list is a bit shorter.

This list is “handmade” and I have collected every single blog myself.

As last year its difficult to know which glasses to wear when looking. Am I a first timer to mentoring, a coordinator or consultants?

But I decide to be the firsttimer…

And I know some people will have some others on the list, and that is very good. A discussion about this will only make it better.


“The Best Mentoring Blogs 2012”


1. Mentoring Works

2. David Clutterbuck Partnership

3. Center for mentoring excellence

4. Management Mentors

5. Perrone Ambrose

6. Robin Cox in Youth Empowerment Seminars

7. Mentorguru

8. MENTOR – National Mentoring Partnership

9. GP Strategies – Clutterbuck Associates

10. Mentors Peer Resources

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  1. Thanks for including us on your list. It’s an honour to be selected for the second year and to be in the company of other nine sources you identified.

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