The main difference between an administrator and a manager is that an administrator focuses on planning and organizing resources to deliver results.

A leader will inspire, motivate and influence people to achieve both their own goals – and goals for the company.

Listen to my recent podcast episode for more: https://podcasts.apple.com/no/podcast/the-talk-by-mentorguru/id1621845633?i=1000629899538

This episode is in Norwegian, but there are plenty of episodes in English.

Podcast: The talk – by Mentorguru

At Spotify, Apple podcast and Google podcast

The talk – a new podcast from MentorGuru

I have launched a new podcast called «The talk» at Spotify, in the beginning it will be in Norwegian, but some episodes will also be in English.

So if you know or wants to hear/learn Norwegian a link to the Spotify and start listening, there is 5 episodes out already…

Using SWOT as an personal tool