Four Steps to Success!


Jim Rohn will pass on to you these four simple steps to success:


The first is good ideas. Be a collector of good ideas.

My mentor taught me to keep a journal when I was 25 years old. I’ve been doing it now all these years. They will be passed on to my children and my grandchildren. If you hear a good health idea, capture it, write it down. Don’t trust your memory.


Then, on a cold wintry evening, go back through your journal and read through the ideas that changed your life, the ideas that saved your marriage, the ideas that bailed you out of bankruptcy, the ideas that helped you become successful, the ideas that made you millions.


What a good review, going back over the collection of ideas that you gathered over the years. So be a collector of good ideas for your business, for your relationships, for your future.



The next step to success is to have good plans—a good plan for the day, a good plan for the future, a good health plan, a good plan…


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