How to make mentoring a success

Mentoring begins when a person strategically affects the professional life of someone else by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge, and expanding the other person´s horizones.
(A Mentor´s Companion)

Guiding principles of Mentor Success.

  1. People learn best through self-discovery. Help your mentee reflect on and learn from their experiences.
  2. You cannot mentor someone unless you understand the person. What is important to your mentee? What does he/she value
  3. In mentoring, askin a question is often the answer. You don´t have to have all the answers… help your mentee find her or his own answers by asking the right questions.
  4. Most signifikant learning occurs outside our comfort zone and we allow those we are comfortable with to push us beyond our zone. Support and then challenge.
  5. Mentoring is about growth, empowering and risk taking. The goal of every mentor is to act in such a way that the mentee is better able to do for him or her self.

From Perrone-Ambrose

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