Myth about mentoring #1 AGE

 A lot is said about mentoring, some of it is true, and some are untrue or myth. I would like to present some her.


The mentor is a old man and the adept/mentee are a young person.
It`s not about age, but a genuine interest, knowledge, experience and development.

Some of the big questions in life…

Alan Wilson remembered when he’d been told that her mother’s cancer had spread; she had taken his hand and said:  “Alan, you are my gift to the world,” she had said. “You will make a bigger difference in it than I.”

What else are there to say??? She had a big trust in him, but at the same time you are in the world to make a change, not only to survive…
And Alans sister said: “Just do what you love, and the impact will follow”
It is so beautiful. I say it all the time to my students both in universities and in mentorprogram. Make a change, not only survive…
Read the whole story at (This is a fictional case study with a dilemma facing many ambitious young professionals: How to do well while also doing good.):

How to keep your talents?

Harvard Business Review means that the consulting industry have to start mentoring the talents more than today.


After many years with the focus on coaching Harvard Business Review means that mentoring is the next big topic. The consulting business up to the finance crises was “only” thinking about making the money, and not thinking about develop new talents.
 It is about time to put out the word mentoring, the ”new” buzz word. It is almost as it is create just for the purpose to hold the young talents motivated and that they want to stick to their employer.
Frustrated employer ignored are about to quit, finding a new company who appreciate them more. And not only are they leaving, and you must find a new person, but they are leaving with central competence. And therefore is it important to create mentor program inside the company for today’s young talent.

Trainings in Trondheim

Some of the adepts in TrondheimAs I told you before I went to Trondheim in Norway to hold two seminars. Both for the participants in JCI Evolutions Mentorprogram for young people in Young Enterprice Norway.


On saturday we started at 10 am and were working with strenght, posibilities and SMART-goals up to 16 pm with all the adepts in the program. They were very interesting in the subject and real active all day. This is going to be the platform for further development trough the program and especially for the AM-meetings (Adept and Mentor meetings) every month.


Oh I love to meet so many positive and active young people and spend time with them, I actually learn as lot as them.


On sunday we started at 11 am to train all the mentors, from businesses around in the county. They were also very positive and active through out the wholde session, working with "The Big Five". Tools for AM-meetings.


I look forward t be hearing from the project group next time.



The Norwegian Armed Forces

On Thursday I got a very interesting mail from The Norwegian Armed Force ( They wanted me to come in april and be the head speaker at a action day for all the women in the army.


My topic will be "Dream Team" and how you can build a dream team when people have different starting point, character and strenght. It would be important to talk about the attitude to people and to accept all kind of individuals.


It would be a whole day for the topic with all kinds of speakers, politicians from the defends comitee, Norways first female pilot on F-16 fighters.


I am really looking forward to the day, even if it means going away from my dreamteam (my wife) and her birthday.

Sertified D.I.S.C analyst

Today I got my sertification on using the Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), The test provides an insight into how people behave at work answering questions such as – what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self starters? How do they communicate? What motives them?


I am going to use it in matching criteria, not the whole test, but a smaller version. But it is going to be fun to have this tool to do so.


Check it out, it`s maybe something for you to.


Please if you have experience with DISC as a tool, or some other types of tools, write something here about it.

Holding seminar in Trondheim-Norway this weekend

This weekend I am going to Trondheim to train in their mentorprogram for Young Enterprice Norway. On saturday I am going to train all the students the whole day, the seminar is akind of lifeplanning. We are looking at their strenght, their weeknesses and their possibilities, and final some SMART-goals.


On sunday is it mentoring seminar for all the mentors. Learning and training "The Big Five" and prepare them for the task.


And not only that but I am also going to help them in the matching process as well.


This is going to be so much fun, I am very excited.

“The Big Five”



Right now I sit and work at my mentoring seminar, called the big five. That relate to the most important mentoring tools you can use as a mentor.


The five tools are:

  1. Active listening
  2. Effective questions
  3. Feedback
  4. Be responsible
  5. Recognition

And for the next week I am going to conduct the seminar both in Oslo and then in Trondheim in Norway. At the seminar in Oslo I have help from a good partner Kai Roer. You can learn a lot at his blog at about training. He is a very active trainer across europe.


The Big Five is also in my book for the mentors.

Success history 5

Today a funny thing happened to me when me and my wife where visiting some good friends of us. They were selling some of their big sized teddy bears online and a potential customer where coming this evening for buying them. Boy was I surprised when a previous adept appear at the door. When he saw my face at the house he was stunned, and happy to meet me again. And he told me that he have started in a new job at his mentors company. He had had several offers but the mentor “won” and he don`t regret the choice he did.

Because he had known the mentor in about a year he could say a lot about the company that she was working in. And they have hit it off so the choise was pretty easy he said.
Way to go Morten and Elisabeth.

By the way Morten bought the big sized teddy bears and went to a small girls birthday party with some big presents, she was going to be very surpriced…

Who’s Mentoring You?

I found this Youtube clip  searching the web. The clip is a good "AHA" moment saying that Tiger Woods using help to get his goals so why shouldn`t you.


A very good question, why shouldn`t you? We have to stop thinking that mentoring is only for the sportsmen, to get good you need a mentor. You can`t say it enough, don`t think you can do everything for your self.


Look at the video at Youtube