Word of today – Mentorship

Each day I get a small video from John Maxwell, it´s called «A minute with Maxwell» and today it was about mentoring. So I had to put it out on my web

Today’s «A Minute with Maxwell» video lesson was filmed during my Live Event in Orlando, Florida where I spent three days with my team members that are a part of my John C. Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Teacher Certification Program.

Here is the video


Here is more about John Maxwell

  • Best-selling author of over 74 books
  • Legendary speaker worldwide
  • Global trainer of 6 million leaders in over 176 countries

And his «A Minute with Maxwell» is like a path to success. It’s a video coaching program where I come along side of you each day, teach you the meaning of a word and add value to your life. And then you can ‘spread the word’ and inspire others around the world. Just one word a day can make a big difference in your life-and those of many others!»

His webpage is:

Jim Maxwell

A Custom-Fit Life

Deborah Norville’s career didn’t follow the path she’d mapped out, but she created something better along the way.

If you know anything about Deborah Norville’s career, you know she has experienced her share of challenges in television and radio. But she’s also enjoyed the thrill of success, receiving numerous honors, including two Emmy Awards, two AWRT Gracie Awards, as well as being named Mother of the Year by the National Mother’s Day Committee. A dedicated mother of three, best-selling author, entrepreneur and award-winning journalist, Norville celebrates her 15th year as an anchor on Inside Edition in 2010.

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