Do YOU want to live your full potential?



 – Mentoring is about     discovering and utilizing your full potential –



The potential can be described as the sum of all your talents and all options – all you do and all that you can be as you get rid of inner and outer obstacles.

When you utilize your full potential, you are «the best version of you.»

Mentoring helps people to unleash their full potential and to dare to show it to the world – to bring it to life!

Here I will give you insight and some exercises that focus on your full potential and who you are when you’re the best version of you.

Before we continue, answers to these two questions:
On a scale of one to ten – to what extent do you live out your full potential?
If you could do or get exactly what you want and you can not fail, what would you choose?

When you set goals and start working towards the so change your focus. We begin to attract the things we need to reach your goal. If you’ve read «The Secret» is what this is all about – focus …

When I bought a green golf several years ago so I suddenly green Golfer everywhere. Before that Golf red, silver or black for me, because it was what I had seen most … I thought … The moment you have a friend who is pregnant, she will say that ALL is the pregnant now … focus.

The logical explanation is that people receive hundreds of sensory impressions per minute and therefore we need to sort them not to be overwhelmed.
Your brain is designed to help you. So if you pre-announced – albeit unconsciously – what you want to achieve, as it helps the brain more than happy to focus on and find what you need.

Therefore, mentoring and work to achieve their goals is not that difficult – on the contrary!

How can you read about in the next article that comes about only 5 days …

The Way to a Better Future is YOU!

Of all the things that can have an effect on your future, I believe personal growth is the greatest. It’s really the open door to it all. In fact think about this important phrase: «The major key to your better future is YOU.»

Let me repeat that. «The major key to your better future is YOU.» Put that someplace you can see it every day, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, at the office, anywhere you can see it every day.

Try to remember that every day and think about it. The major key is YOU.

The magic is in believing. The magic is in daring. The magic is in trying. The real magic is in persevering. The magic is in accepting. It’s in working. The magic is in thinking. There is magic in a smile. There is unusual magic in strong feeling, and you see, all that comes from inside, not outside. So, the difference is inside you. The real difference is you. You are the major key to your better future.

What is YOUR plans for 2011?