Guest Blog: My life as a coach – Part II

What has it given me to be a coach?

  • Being a coach has made me a much more human.
  • It has taught me to be myself. It has taught me to trust myself and my feelings.
  • It has taught me to follow my heart and use my common sense into something positive.
  • It has taught me more about people, people’s dreams and behavior than 6 years of study and a lifetime has done.
  • It has made me a much better mother, friend, girlfriend and sister.
  • It has given me a career that today I’m really proud of.
  • I have worked with some of the largest business leaders.
  • I’ve trained a lot of great people on our coach education.
  • I have coached single mothers, people in doubt, men with identity problems and others
  • Helped people to start their careers, got entrepreneurs off the ground.
  • Lectured for 5 and 5000 people at a time.
  • Made radio interviews, television and advertising
  • Written and designed newsletters
  • Invented new tools and models.
  • Created a mastercoach education and a variety of courses in cooperation with Sofia and Chris, or alone.

I am both Sofia Manning and her coaching model deeply grateful. Naturally, also Chris Manning. But Sofia was the first in which believed in me.

I remember it like it was yesterday, she said, «of course you can make it happen, if that’s what you really want!», When I, in our first meeting,  said: «I will be coach, business coach and I will also give lectures one day»(something that I found at that time sounded almost more ambitious and unrealistic, that to go after the  Human Relations-work).

Had I known what a huge and radical influence the few words from her mouth, would have on my life. And how wonderful our journey together, I had carved them in stone or screamed aloud with happiness. Something like that.

I will have them in my memory for ever. And above all, coaching philosophy, has become part of my identity. A part of who I am and part of my life. I AM a coach. Thinking as a coach and live as a coach. In my eyes, there is nothing better.

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