10 steps to programming your dreams – Part II

With the help oflucid dreaming, i.e. programming yourself for a specific dream, you can get answers to questions that remain open in real life and reveal some secrets of your personality. This is the last five steps in a 10-step guide to dreaming what you want to dream:

6. Learn to enter in the altered states of consciousness, which accompany us before and after sleep. Do not fall asleep immediately, as soon as your head touches the pillow, and do not jump out of bed immediately after waking up. A state between dream and reality is a sort of window to the worlds where we can get important information.

7. During falling asleep, when you are in such an altered state of consciousness, vizualize the smallest details of the picture you want to dream. Engage your imagination and fantasy

8. When you wake up, do not rush back to reality and try to cling to the remnants of the picturesthat have not yet completely evaporated from your mind.

9. When sleep completely leaves you and you are fully awake, write down everything you remember, and everything that pops into your mind, without getting out of bed.

10. If you had a deliberate approach to the dream programming, then you will meet what you wanted to see in the description of your dream. Training yourself in this way every day, you will achieve great results, and then your dreams will become your faithful helpers and allies in the real world.


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