Master Practitioner Accreditation

Dear Thor-Erik,


I am pleased to officially confirm the award of your EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and Professional Designation at Master Practitioner level. The details are as follows:

  • Awarded to: Thor-Erik Gulliksen
  • EIA awarded: 17 August 2020
  • EIA valid until: 17 August 2025
  • EIA reference number: EIA20204125

This email come in my inbox in the today from Sarah Lester who is
EMCC Global Accreditation Administrator.

OMG I was so proud and glad after a long time with processing, writing and reflecting on a high level and after interview as well.

How do we perceive change?

Right now we’re all being challenged. Whether it is in the family, with friends or in the business world how much has changed in a short time. And even though we sometimes say «I like change and development», the truth is that we often like the changes we choose for ourselves. Now it can feel overwhelming and paralyzing, it can feel like it’s completely out of our control. And that’s it and we have to accept it.

I have, after 2 weeks in quarantine and 4 weeks with home office, new working methods have pushed me, and now become part of my everyday life. It was just jumping into it and now I’ve had lectures and meetings online and it works really well. For others, there are even bigger changes and one sees that jobs disappear and with that income base. But I hope everyone finds their inner strength, and gets through this until we get «normal» times.   Keep your heart warm – your head cold – and your hands clean …

Powerful and cost-effective

Mentoring is arguably one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways of helping people expand and achieve their aspirations. There is also strong evidence that it is a very effective means to retaining talent in organisations, and to create and sustain desired corporate culture. It also offers one of the highest returns on investment in supporting entrepreneurs, addressing societal disaffection amongst the young, and building bridges between cultures and communities.

The conference is open to members and non-members, so please let your colleagues and networks know about this event.

26. of October is the date and Barcelona in Spain is the place

Book her: 1 st International Mentoring Conference

First board meeting for EMCC Norway

Today is the very first board meeting for the new board, 2018-2020), I am so excited. I got elected 3 weeks ago as president for two more years. Today we are going to set the strategy for the next two years, will be excited.

We elect the same board, but we got one more member in the board who is a new and active member.

Stay tune…

EMCC International 24th Annual Conference 2018

This time the conference is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we are at a Marriott Hotel down in the centre.

This was also EMCC`s 24th conference and this time it was 5 delegates from Norway, include my self. 

I also got the chance to do the Masterclasses on day One. This time I registered for Kirsten M. Poulsen and her Masterclass: How modern mentoring is transforming company culture and leadership.

Thanks to Norman Benet who made this short video from day one.

Lazy holidays 

When I am writing this blogpost I have been over one week in France. I have been three days in Nice and yesterday we went to Monaco, both fantastic cities. And the weather is fantastic, well a bit to hot for us Norwegians, but we can’t complain. Home in Norway they have 16 degrees and rain, and we have full sun with 30 degrees.

I am also trying to get some reading done and I am reading a book called «Mentoring. Learning alliances in management» from one of my fellow Boardmember in European Mentoring and Coaching Council Norway Jennybeth Ekeland. I really hope it will be in English also, because it’s very good.

And in August I will reveal «Best Mentoring Blog 2014» and get more updates from an excited business trip.


 Between Nice and Monaco there are a small village in the mountain called Eze  that is were the picture are from.