Flash Mentoring

In my over 25 years in business life and over 10 years

within mentoring I have had the opportunity to talk to

a lot of people. Sometimes itś for only one time and

sometimes more, but I never know that I was doing

Flash Mentoring…

Flash Mentoring is defined as a one-time meeting or discussion that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience. The purpose of flash mentoring is to provide a valuable learning opportunity for less experienced individuals while requiring a limited commitment of time and resources for more experienced individuals serving as mentors. While mentors and mentees can mutually decide to meet again after their flash mentoring session, the commitment is to participate only in the initial meeting.

The term flash mentoring was coined by K. Scott Derrick in his work with 13L, a group of mid-career federal employees passionate about leadership and leadership development. In recent years, some training professionals have used short-term mentoring approaches to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience, but there has not been a common language to distinguish short-term mentoring arrangements from traditional, long-term mentoring schemes.Flash mentoring was highlighted in an engaging article in Government Executive magazine.

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