Is it time for a reinvention?

The new buzz word, at least in Norway, is reinvention. Use one week as an hell week and do things you normally don´t do, which I find very interesting. Many people does the same thing day after day, and some even expect different results.

As Albert Einstein said:

«Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again-and then expect different results.»

You can not keep doing exactly the same as you do every day, yet expect different results. You can not continue to perform the same routines in action, word and thought every day and expect to see changes in your life. Your life will change in the extent of your actions and thoughts change.

SO, if you feeling stuck? Or inspired? Today offers you the perfect opportunity to take stock of your life. One thing is certain… maintaining the status quo is not an option.

You can also compare it to your business and reinvention has resulted in some of the world’s greatest business success stories. Companies that launch with the intention to do one thing often end up finding their grand opportunity lies in a completely different direction. Taking advantage of the opportunity requires a reinvention of thought and strategy—and the effort pays off. For instance, as a startup, Flickr was an online game project and chat room…

Soon it will be new years eve and a perfect time to relax with the family and good friends and think about 2014. How can you get your best year ever, or maybe why won´t you have your best year ever. It´s your choice…