Dare you learn from others?

Do you dare to let others learn from you?

As a mentor, you are a role model. Whether you like it or not.

Want to be a role model?

As a child we learn that a ‘copycat’ is not something to aspire to. Who wants to be a copycat?

One of the things I am talking about regarding menthe and mentor relationship is «to teach people to learn from each other». I don´t talk about «look at me – and copy it»… But with a finer word, we can call it knowledge.
And that’s something to strive for.

Maybe you have a colleague or some neighbor, look what they do and ‘copy’ it.
That simple. But something that many still often forget. Both at work and at home.

One of the biggest obstacles we people have is that we often think that all the others are much smarter, better, more fun and more successful than ourselves.
The truth is, in fact – to be little in the children’s perspective – «what you are saying is you yourself…»