The Houdini technique

Make easy things look difficult.

Make difficult things look easy.

I really did like this, it`s like the KISS method. Keep it Simple and Stupid, well maybe not stupid, but so easy that everybody can do it. I did read the rest of the article/blog to Seth Godin at

The story goes on like this:

«Flying a plane from one city to another, on time, is incredibly difficult. There’s a million things that can go wrong. And yet, for years, the airlines worked hard to make it appear easy. They wanted to appear competent and to make us feel safe.

The other day, as I waited for a flight, I heard the dreaded announcement. The flight was delayed, there was a mechanical problem. Angst filled the gate area.

Five minutes later, they announced that the problem was fixed, and we could board… we ended up leaving ten minutes early. Joy throughout the land!

Where did the joy come from? It came from the rapid shift in expectations. For a moment, the airline made it look hard. then they did the trick and we were saved.

Houdini never said, “check out these trick handcuffs and watch how easy it is for me to take them off.»»

I`m not quite sure about the airplane like a picture of this, because you want the airplane to be riskfree. And to fix a problem in four minute is…

But maybe I´m just a little afraid boy ?