Best Mentoring Blog 2012

Last year I started my blog list of the best mentoring blogs on Internett, it’s a wide range of blogs out there and some are business sites as well. To gather the best blogs/sites demands me to look not only for bloggers but also for company sites. The aim is to gather the best sites about mentoring, I can see that calling it best mentoring blog required to only look at blogs, but I hope that in my strive to find mentoring information that is ok.

I want to find the blog with information about mentoring, so that if you want to start as a mentor or maybe start a mentoring program you can look at that blog.

I also have a new logo, a logo that look more like a diploma. And a more energized color, red.

I will post the list within short time, and then making an article on the best three blogs.

Mentoring Peers – No. 2 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2011 list.

«Some people spend a lifetime attempting to live according to cultural images that never quite fit them. Whenever a knight of the Grail tried to follow a path made by someone else, he went altogether astray. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s footsteps. Each of us has to find our own way.»

Peer work in business, university, school and community settings. Links to and descriptions of peer associations, services, and programs. Lists of workshops, seminars, and peer conferences, and criteria for National Peer Trainer Certification. A who’s who of peer work.

Why reinvent the mentoring wheel? Let us do it for you. You get the benefits and features, and we do the work. Consider joining the Peer Resources Network. Access to the best documents, manuals, training materials, and mentor program details.

This is a fantastic website and a database full of materials for people who work with mentoring, be a member for a small sum of money and get access. To read more on their website, click here:

Mentor Resources

Here at we are looking for «The Best Mentoring Blog 2011» and this is a good candidate. At you can see why.

Mentor Resources is a second largest provider of web-based software for the administration of large-scale, formal mentoring programs. WisdomShare™ has been designed for ease of use by the program administrator and participants. Mentors and Mentees are matched using WisdomShare™’s unique, proprietary matching algorithm, which uses skill requirements, job level, work experience and over a dozen personality characteristics to deliver the best possible mentoring match.

Client results include rapid knowledge sharing for on-boarding of new hires, increased skill transfer within communities of practice, higher engagement for employee resource groups and improved sponsorship of high potential employees. Mentor Resources’ mentoring solutions are used by members of the S&P 500, FTSE 100 as well as non-profits and professional organizations in over 75 countries.

And you can also find a lot of good information at their website. So look it up, and find out more about Mentor Resources.

Later we will post a guest post from Elizabeth Pearce from Mentor Resource.

So this was one of the candidates for «The Best Mentoring Blog 2011»

Best Mentoring Blog 2011


I want to put mentoring even more on the agenda and how implement it to peoples personal development and also for companies development.

I have been working with mentoring for over 10 years both in Norway and outside in other countries. My experience is both from universities and companies, and in the start I had mentoring programs together with Junior Chamber International (where I am a senator, it´s to honor the achievements of an outstanding Member for my dedication and contributions to JCI) and Junior Achievement.

I am looking for the 25 best mentoring blogs for 2011. I have been reading a lot at your blog and find it to be one of the candidates for «Best Mentoring Blog 2011».

Some of the criteria are: Most useful information about mentoring, best on mentoring tools and easiest tools to implement in every days life.