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There are certain things you dream of doing – asking your boss for a raise or promotion, finding a new job, getting up on stage to sing or perform a comedy routine, or writing a novel or book – but you never take the steps toward actually doing them because you’re afraid of what will happen if you try.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, maybe you should try Brian Tracy and his Science of Self-Confidence program, maybe that could be exactly what you need to overcome your fear and achieve success in every area of your life.

Look her for more information: Self-Confidence, her I come…

How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Time

How do you start your day?

Over some years no, I have tryed to plan all the things I have to do by writing everything down the night before.

I found that drawing up your list the night before prompts my subconscious to work on my plans and goals while I am asleep.

And when I wake up, I feel ready to tackle my challenges.

You should also try this, here are some tip:

A Written Plan

Lists of goals, tasks and objectives are of no help unless they’re written. Putting your plans on paper makes a seemingly elusive goal more concrete.

Urgency vs. Importance

An unexpected phone call or a drop-in visitor may be urgent, but the consequences of dealing with either may not be important in the long run. The urgent is other-oriented, it’s caused by someone else. Important things are self-directed and have the greatest value for you.

As a tool you could use Stephen R. Covey´s  «The Time Management Matrix»

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