Asking the right questions the right way

When was the last time you put yourself in the center?
Priority yourself high and focused on what YOU want?

In mentoring, it is your desires and goals that are in the center.
Focus is that you identify your own truth – that is, what is right for you.

The focus is always on your own truth because mentoring is based on two theses on people. One is that it is only ourselves who know what is right for us, and thus what makes us either to act or prevent us from acting. The second is that the probability that we act and when our goals are greatest if the action is based on what is important for just us.

Exactly this is the power of mentoring and what makes the method so effective.
To the one who must act, both are the one who knows what is the right thing to do – and who has ownership of it to be done.

Maybe you know this scenario (or something similar to) in your life:

You have in a long time had a desire to exercise more – and your neighbor tells you over and over again how incredibly nice and healthy it is to take a long walk early in the morning. With birdsong and fresh sweat. And you’ll always answer: «Yes, it sounds healthy. I should do! »

But do you get it done?
Most likely not.

Even if you have a desire to exercise more, then you will probably still not get going there early in the morning, right? Because you are not a morning person and do not like to run …

If your neighbor on the other hand had asked you a series of mentoring questions about your goals in terms of exercise, such as:

What type of exercise do you like?
What has prevented you from exercising?
What impact will it have if you do not start exercising?
What would give you if you started doing it?

Yes, so is the chance that you will start exercising a lot more actually.
As it is you yourself who have formulated, why it is important, and not someone else who has told you what is good – for her or him.

«Just do it…»