Working book for the mentee

Last week my latest book for the mentee was finished and came from print. I use «print on demand» and

The book looked very god in the new design, and I have started on translate it to english. I have a good friend in the US who will do it for me. As a lawyer, writer and trainer he knows what to do.

For now the book is in norwegian, just send me an email if you want to order.

The price is Euro 16,25 + shipping.

Community Mentoring Programme

WOW, I came over this wonderful video at and they were talking about how you could use mentor program to help kids make something out of this world.

The organization is called: «The 100 Black Men of London» and was formed in April 2001. Their Mission is:
As a group of concerned African-Caribbean men, the 100 Black Men of London seek to improve the quality of life in our communities and to enhance educational and economic opportunities through pooling together our collective resources.

And their Vision is:
The 100 Black Men of London recognise the challenges confronting our youth today and will endeavour to provide leadership and support. In essence, to create an environment where our youth are motivated to achieve and empower themselves to become economic and moral shareholders in the communities we serve.

Follow this link and look at the excellent use of mentoring, helping young people out in the world.

If you now of other projects like this, please let me know.