Do you ever doubt yourself?

Here are some tip from the Danish coach Sofia Manning (Sadly this is only in Danish:

When in doubt about anything, ask yourself: What is it about? What am I to doubt? How does it feel to be in doubt? What is doubt positive intention? How will the doubt help me?

Ask then: What is the opposite of doubt for me? (eg trust) What do I trust? How does it feel to be trusted? What is confidence, positive intention? How will you trust to help me?

Then ask the warmest place in you (eg your heart) With all my love for myself and others, what do I know or remember me on right now? How does it feel?

The task to you will be:

Look at your question with new eyes. As something that perhaps will always be there as a part of you.
And try to give your doubts a break. And see if the answer does not show up anyway …

This is a very important step when you are designing
your best year ever!

Your best year so far?

At the end of 2010 I shared with you a serie from Darren Hardy in The Success Magazine, I wonder of are you doing now? Have you followed the steps?

One of the things to start with was to get an understanding at where you where in the start, this is the important ground. Using the SWOT.

Using the S.W.O.T. framework you will come to better understand yourself.
You’ll see the tremendous advantages you possess and how you can leverage them to begin to separate yourself from your peers.
You’ll also discover special talents and abilities that you may need to further develop to achieve your most ambitious goals.


Where are you now?