Best Mentoring Blog 2013

In 2011 I created a best mentoring blog ranking that got very popular, actually so popular that I wanted to make this an annual event.

It is not that easy to find those blogs, but I am always searching the net. And I find it right to look at different blogs as a newcomer/first timer within mentoring.

Sorry for the big delay this year but the time has flied away, but here it is. As you will see its not that big shift and the best five is the same as last year, f.ex. is the same blog #1 for the fourth year.



«The List»

1. Mentoring Works with Ann Rolfe

2. David Clutterbuck Partnership

3. Center for Mentoring Excellence with Lois J. Zachary as the Director

4. Managing Mentors with Rene D. Petrin as the President and Founder

5. Perrone Ambrose  with Larry Ambrose with others

6. Mentorguru with Thor-Erik Gulliksen

7. Coach Mentoring Blog with Lis Merrick

8. Peer Resource with Rey Carr

9. GP Strategies with David Clutterbuck and associates (not a blog but a lot of materials)

10. The Mentoring Group from California


I will present each and one of them on the list her at my blog, if you have others please put it in a comment.

Best mentoring blog 2013

Same procedure as last year, I will reveal the best mentoring blog for 2013. The work of finding the best blog is difficult because a lot of them are hiding within the page of the business, but I will continue and the list his soon to be revealed.

Center for Mentoring Excellence – No. 3 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2012 list

Behind Center for Mentoring Excellence is Lois Zachary an internationally recognized expert on mentoring and has been cited as «one of the top 100 minds in leadership» today. You’ve likely seen mention of Dr. Zachary’s books, or read her quotes, in The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Inc. magazine, T&D, Leadership Excellence, The Chronicle of Higher Education, or other business and leadership news outlets.

And their Mission Statement:

We are committed to promoting individual and organizational mentoring excellence. We do this by providing mentoring training, coaching, consultation and program evaluation; offering cutting edge tools, resources and expert advice; sharing best and next practices; leading organizations through the process of creating a mentoring culture; and, recognizing and celebrating mentoring excellence.

To read more at Center for Mentoring Excellence blog, just click on the logo.

David Clutterbuck Partnership – No. 2 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2012 list

 He is regarded as a leading global authority on coaching and mentoring, and on Board behaviours. And one of the world´s most thought-

provoking and entertaining speakers and writers on management and human resources. He is an author of more than 50 books;

he brings a wealth of practical experience and leading edge research to developing leaders at the top.


Clutterbuck is a serial entrepreneur and frequent speaker around the world. He has co-founded a charity that uses mentoring approaches to support social inclusion of young people with learning difficulties and/or autistic spectrum disorders. Each year, he sets himself a major new challenge – for example, climbing Mount Clutterbuck, British Columbia, qualifying as a masseur and, last year, learning to be a stand-up comic.

To read more at David Clutterbuck Partnership blog, just click on the logo.

No. 1 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2012 list

 Mentoring Works is devoted to developing and supporting mentoring.


 This is the second year that Ann Rolfe is no. 1.

She is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting.

At here blog Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.


The website assist us in:

  • Training and learning mentoring skills
  • Planning your workplace mentoring strategy
  • Managing your mentoring program

Click the picture to get to Ann Rolfes two times award winning blog

Best Mentoring Blog 2012

In 2011 I created a best mentoring blog ranking that got very popular, actually so popular that I wanted to make this an annual event.
Last year 
some critics about the list were correct, they all weren’t blogs, some of them were company sites as well. This year they are gone and the list is a bit shorter.

This list is “handmade” and I have collected every single blog myself.

As last year its difficult to know which glasses to wear when looking. Am I a first timer to mentoring, a coordinator or consultants?

But I decide to be the firsttimer…

And I know some people will have some others on the list, and that is very good. A discussion about this will only make it better.


“The Best Mentoring Blogs 2012”


1. Mentoring Works

2. David Clutterbuck Partnership

3. Center for mentoring excellence

4. Management Mentors

5. Perrone Ambrose

6. Robin Cox in Youth Empowerment Seminars

7. Mentorguru

8. MENTOR – National Mentoring Partnership

9. GP Strategies – Clutterbuck Associates

10. Mentors Peer Resources

Waiting for Best Mentoring Blog 2012

I started with mentoring back in 1999 and this blog I started in 2008, some of my goals was to find the best resources for mentoring, thats why I started this list. This year also with a new logo for the list. AND while you wait for the list of 2012 I will repeat the list from 2011…