Mentoring programs

Mentorguru offers a unique framework for mentoring programs. With more than 10 years of experience, Mentorguru understands how to deal with the challenges of organizing and maintaining a successful mentoring program.

A Mentorguru mentoring program is the result of more than 10 years of development and experience. Developed by the mentoring programs guru Thor-Erik Gulliksen, the Mentorguru mentoring program is a complete framework that takes the guesswork out of mentoring.
A Mentorguru mentoring program consists of a combination of training sessions; coaching of mentors; and follow-ups.

The basic in all Mentorguru´s mentoring programs is the recognition of organizations’ needs to develop their human capital through knowledge transfer. Using a Mentorguru mentoring program, our clients tap directly into the well-established knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are identified as core values, and systematically transfer this capital from mentors to the adepts.


Why use a Mentorguru mentoring program?

A Mentorguru mentoring program identifies the organization or project’s core values; skills; behaviors, and the program is tailored toward the desired outcome.

Using our large pool of training, speakers, and network, a Mentorguru mentoring program is tailored to deliver the requested results.


The process

The Mentorguru mentoring program has been developed for more than 10 years. Our successful programs are built using the Mentorguru Mentoring Program Process (MMPP):

MMPP steps

1.    Identify the core values to transfer
2.    Decide the program outcome (goals)
3.    Defining the evaluation (Measuring the achievement of goals)
4.    Adopting the Mentorguru mentoring program to the desired outcome
5.    Initiating and maintaining the program
6.    Evaluate (goals)

Steps 2 to 6 are an ongoing process, repeated for each new mentoring program.

Learning programs

The Mentorguru´s Learning Program is a framework to create a learning environment in your organization. It has been developed by Thor Erik Gulliksen and reflects many years of experience in creating learning environments in organizations throughout Europe.

A Mentorguru Learning Program combines training, coaching, competence measuring, and evaluation in a continuing process.

Why use a Mentorguru Learning Program?

The Mentorguru Learning Program starts with the end in mind. We determine the learning outcome and the program goals in close cooperation with the organization and adopt the content of the program to reach those goals.

The Mentorguru Learning Program is highly flexible. It suits all kinds of learning processes – from soft skills (management, leadership, sales+++) to technical training. The program is adapted to your needs.

The Mentorguru Learning Program offers great flexibility and adaptability to ensure the highest level of quality. The benefits of using a Mentorguru Learning Program include (not comprehensively):

  • framework offers easy implementation
  • teach the teacher programs offer great ROI
  • methodology for identifying and reusing internal competence
  • flexible structure allows step-by-step implementation
  • integrates perfectly with the Mentorguru Mentor Programs
  • adapts to the organizational needs
  • adapts to individual areas of interest
  • same, high quality throughout the process
  • flexibility to mix content, methods, and evaluation systems
  • reuses internal resources and knowledge
  • combines one-on-one, classroom, and e-learning to ensure cost-efficient knowledge transfer and behavior changes

In this ever-changing world, knowledge and understanding have become a vital asset to any organization. If you set out to change the world – which we believe you should be, considering you are offering your products to the market – you need to be different. Be better than the rest. Be more innovative. More responsive, and more proactive. Your organization needs to develop and maintain the skills to innovate, produce and deliver your products in such a way that your clients know it is only you who count. In such a way that your competitors gaze in awe, and decide to leave you alone.

Mentorguru creates the environment you need to maintain and develop your internal competence in such a way that you become unique.

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