What are high achievers doing to win in 2015?

One thing I’ve noticed about high achievers is that they all share a lot of commonalities. They all have habits that make them unique, but I find many similarities when it comes to the things that bring them success.

I recently asked almost thirty different high achievers to tell me what they do to set themselves up for success in the New Year. People like Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Jeff Walker, John Maxwell, and Chris Brogan all let me peek into their year-end process.

After studying their responses, I identified eight commonalities. You can look at these like best practices for getting a jump on the New Year.

By far, the most consistent practice high achievers share to set themselves up for a great year is to reflect on the current one. It came up again and again in their answers.

Doing business with this year is crucial for success in the next.

Tony Robbins keeps a journal of “accomplishments and magic moments” that he revisits. He told me he captures standout moments throughout the year and draws principles from these to set his goals for the New Year.

John Maxwell blocks the last week of the year for reflection. He focuses on the events of last twelve months. Why? “Evaluated reflection turns experience into insight,” he said. And that insight paves the path for what’s next.

If a week seems like a long time for this exercise, Skip Pritchard and Daniel Harkavy both do it in just a day.

But it’s a critical twenty-four hours for the next year. “This time sets me up best to make the critical decisions I need to make to live the most purposeful life I can in the year ahead,” said Daniel.

This review process was a little different for each, but most seemed to focus on what went right, what went wrong, and what could be learned for the upcoming year. In those responses were thoughts about the importance of staying positive and expressing gratitude—which leads directly to the other best practices.

– Michael Hyatt


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Is it time for a reinvention?

The new buzz word, at least in Norway, is reinvention. Use one week as an hell week and do things you normally don´t do, which I find very interesting. Many people does the same thing day after day, and some even expect different results.

As Albert Einstein said:

«Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again-and then expect different results.»

You can not keep doing exactly the same as you do every day, yet expect different results. You can not continue to perform the same routines in action, word and thought every day and expect to see changes in your life. Your life will change in the extent of your actions and thoughts change.

SO, if you feeling stuck? Or inspired? Today offers you the perfect opportunity to take stock of your life. One thing is certain… maintaining the status quo is not an option.

You can also compare it to your business and reinvention has resulted in some of the world’s greatest business success stories. Companies that launch with the intention to do one thing often end up finding their grand opportunity lies in a completely different direction. Taking advantage of the opportunity requires a reinvention of thought and strategy—and the effort pays off. For instance, as a startup, Flickr was an online game project and chat room…

Soon it will be new years eve and a perfect time to relax with the family and good friends and think about 2014. How can you get your best year ever, or maybe why won´t you have your best year ever. It´s your choice…

Do you ever doubt yourself?

Here are some tip from the Danish coach Sofia Manning (Sadly this is only in Danish: http://www.sofiamanning.com/).

When in doubt about anything, ask yourself: What is it about? What am I to doubt? How does it feel to be in doubt? What is doubt positive intention? How will the doubt help me?

Ask then: What is the opposite of doubt for me? (eg trust) What do I trust? How does it feel to be trusted? What is confidence, positive intention? How will you trust to help me?

Then ask the warmest place in you (eg your heart) With all my love for myself and others, what do I know or remember me on right now? How does it feel?

The task to you will be:

Look at your question with new eyes. As something that perhaps will always be there as a part of you.
And try to give your doubts a break. And see if the answer does not show up anyway …

This is a very important step when you are designing
your best year ever!

Design Your Best Year Ever

When asked what has been the biggest secret behind any success the answer many times is: a system for designing, following through and achieving big goals.

Darren Hardy have been writing about every step in this program, and now in the middle of december it is time again. PLAN YOUR 2012 WITH THIS.

Darren H. have studied the process of setting and achieving goals vigorously for more than 20 years now. And have spent tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars, reading books, listening to audio programs and interviewing super-achievers on how they do it. After much of his own real-world trial, error and achievements, he synthesized all this knowledge and experience into a system he has used for herself.

The key is properly inciting your creative power, revving up your inner drive and channeling your focus over a sustained period of time.

Based on 20+ years of refined study, practice, and execution, Design Your Best Year Ever outlines the specific plan that SUCCESSmagazine Publisher Darren Hardy developed for himself, synthesizing hundreds of books, seminars, trials, errors, and victories into the best and proven strategies on how to design, execute, stick to, and achieve big goals.


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This could be a very good tools to have when planning 2012, good luck with the great plans. And good luck in 2010!