Amazon mentoring program

I read that Amazon had a mentoring program for their employee through Mike Kang in Chronus and his newsletter. The Amazon mentoring team and Mike Chan even had a webinar where they talked about why mentoring is a top priority in Amazon, what types of programs they’re currently running (and for what purposes), how they’re measuring impactful mentoring and how Amazon has scaled its programs to more than 179,000 employees. 

I have earlier (November 2019) write about Amazon and their peer-to-peer mentoring at Amazon work

Watch this fireside chat with Amazon’s Melony Menard, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning and Development, and Carla Love, Program Manager, Global Learning and Development to learn more about:

  • Why mentoring is a top priority at Amazon
  • The variety of programs Amazon is currently running
  • How they’re measuring impactful mentoring
  • How Amazon scales its programs

Visit their website her:


Listen to the webinar her, its about one hour:


Last evening with the mentoring program in Stavanger University

This is always a fantastic evening, with all the mentee and mentors. First I meet the mentee for some Feedback and one of the fun question to Ask is  «What do you think your mentor have learned from you»?At first they dont know But after some time they say that maybe Young spirit, new perspective on things  and own reflection is some of the things. And asking the mentor the same question they say Exactly the same. 

It was a really good time with some wine and three course dinner. We give out diploma to the mentees and crystal to the mentors. And the mentees bring flowers to their mentor and to is coordinaters. 

Sodexo’s 2013 Workplace Trends Report

Every year Sodexo have this report and this year’s report takes a comprehensive look at what is driving efficiency, development and satisfaction in the workplace, and offers a unique perspective on what is essential to organizations to help them be productive and grow.

They asked top practitioners in human capital solutions, information technology, facilities management, real estate and hospitality what issues are being considered at the C-Suite level that are key drivers of success and essential to individual and organizational performance. The result: an overarching theme that “people centric” approaches are yielding positive outcomes and driving value beyond traditional brick and mortar strategies.

Technological advances, coupled with globalization, continue to play a significant role in today’s ever-evolving workplace, shifting the landscape toward a true virtual work environment. Collaboration is king and information is available on-demand, allowing almost everyone access and connectivity whether at work, home, or play.


They have also learned that the expectations of the most recent generations entering the workforce are more and more pronounced in this year’s trends. How this generation expects to be recruited, recognized and retained is reflected in many of the trends: social media has become the primary method of sourcing talent, establishing buying and endorsing ownership is a key component of recognition, and alignment of values, mentoring programs, as well as a culture of inclusion, have all become driving forces in employee satisfaction. All have a significant impact on the holistic well-being of today’s workforce.

And finally Sodexo says that with continuing pressure on companies to be lean and efficient, these trends are not only a direct reflection of today’s new economic reality, but they reflect a global influence that tells us that the only thing constant is change. The workplace as we know it never ceases to evolve, and will continue to do so through 2013 and beyond.

I will take the mentoring trends and present it and discuss it in the next three articles, stay tuned.

The end is near!

A group of mentors were at the end of their twelve month mentoring program. It is a moving experience to hear them share their outcomes.

It was clear that mentors as well as those mentored had gained significantly from the process. They increased skills and confidence, had courage to apply for positions, and were able to think «outside the square».

All were very positive about themselves, their colleagues and their organisation – despite the fact that a staff freeze is impacting on career opportunities right now.