Are you working correctly?

The Covid-19 period that we have been in for quite some time now, challenges our working methods. 
Suddenly, you can't attend the scheduled meeting, work in projects at work, or attend a conference. 

But we got it, schools have been teaching online, conferences and concerts have been online, even the county championships and the Norwegian Enterprise (Young Enterprise in Oslo and Norway) have been conducted.

I hope people don't just forget this and go back to everyday life as they knew it before Covid-19.

Challenge yourself by looking critically at your work methods, do you really need to go to another city or country for that meeting?

Good luck!

How do we perceive change?

Right now we’re all being challenged. Whether it is in the family, with friends or in the business world how much has changed in a short time. And even though we sometimes say «I like change and development», the truth is that we often like the changes we choose for ourselves. Now it can feel overwhelming and paralyzing, it can feel like it’s completely out of our control. And that’s it and we have to accept it.

I have, after 2 weeks in quarantine and 4 weeks with home office, new working methods have pushed me, and now become part of my everyday life. It was just jumping into it and now I’ve had lectures and meetings online and it works really well. For others, there are even bigger changes and one sees that jobs disappear and with that income base. But I hope everyone finds their inner strength, and gets through this until we get «normal» times.   Keep your heart warm – your head cold – and your hands clean …