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  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas in mentoring and coaching
    For my latest episode on my podcast I argued about this topic and I started with the basic definitions. What is ethics? Ethics is the study of morals and principles that guide our decisions about right and wrong. I do not want to delve into the various ethical theories, and go deeper again into utilitarianism, … Les mer
  • The Futures of Artificial Intelligence in Coaching and Mentoring
    . Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated every facet of our lives, transforming the way we work, communicate, and even learn. One area where AI is poised to make a significant impact is coaching and mentoring. The integration of AI into coaching and mentoring processes promises to revolutionize how individuals receive guidance and support, making these … Les mer
  • Leadership
    The main difference between an administrator and a manager is that an administrator focuses on planning and organizing resources to deliver results. A leader will inspire, motivate and influence people to achieve both their own goals – and goals for the company. Listen to my recent podcast episode for more: This episode is in … Les mer
  • The Power of Team Coaching – Part 3
    The previous two posts about team coaching have been telling you what it is and now you will get to read about when it will pay off to implement this in your company When to Consider Team Coaching Organizations should consider team coaching in various scenarios: Conclusion Team coaching is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but … Les mer
  • The Power of Team Coaching – Part 2
    Key Principles of Team Coaching Benefits of Team Coaching
  • The Power of Team Coaching – Part 1
    In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business, effective teamwork has become a cornerstone of success. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of nurturing collaboration, communication, and synergy among their teams. Team coaching, a specialized form of coaching, has emerged as a powerful tool to help teams reach their full potential. The next three articles … Les mer
  • 6 Undeniable Benefits of Having a Mentor for students
    IvyPanda is a student success hub designed to improve the educational outcomes and learning capabilities of students around the world by connecting them with academic experts and by providing highly-efficient self-study services and online tools. And they have been writing about the impact of a mentor, and they mean that for many students having a … Les mer
  • On my way to the EMCC conference
    Due to strike in Brüssels I was stranded in Frankfurt and needed to stay overnight in Frankfurt. Not my preference to stay at a airport hotel with no food or peanuts. But now on the airport and on my way to Prague. I am really looking forward to this conference because I am going to … Les mer
  • EMCC Global Conference in Prague
    European, Mentoring & Coaching Council are delighted to announce that the 2023 EMCC Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Conference will be a LIVE event and will take place at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague, on 9th and 10th June 2023. So just a few days left… Here is a message from the EMCC Global President – Dr Riza … Les mer
  • Why should I manifest?
    It looks like one of the popular buzz word for the time being is MANIFESTING, but what does it mean and should I try it? Manifesting is the practice of focusing your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions on a specific outcome or desire in order to bring it into your reality. The idea behind manifesting is … Les mer
  • ChatGPT – Being a mentor for the first time – Part 2
    Here is the rest of what ChatGPT means is important when being a mentor for the first time. Providing constructive feedback is an essential part of being a mentor. You should provide feedback that is specific, actionable, and relevant. Feedback should be focused on the mentee’s goals and objectives, and it should be delivered in … Les mer
  • ChatGPT – Being a mentor for the first time – Part 1
    Becoming a mentor for the first time is an exciting and rewarding experience. It means you have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with someone who is eager to learn from you. While mentoring can be a fulfilling experience, it can also be daunting, especially if you are unsure of how to go … Les mer
  • Let go of your past – Say hello to your future
    Do you sometime feel stuck in your past. Not because you want to, but because it has become part of your identity. Listen, and let me explain: You were bullied at school and therefore felt «less valuable» when you’re among people. Of course, this is not true, but you may still hold onto it to … Les mer
  • ChatGPT – Why should I be a mentor
    When I printed the question «Why should I be a mentor»? in a ChatGPT page I got this 5 reasons: Being a mentor can bring numerous benefits, such as: Quite accurate isnt it?
  • Happy Christmas and the best for 2023
  • Reach your goals by coaching yourself
    If you don’t have a mentor or coach, but you wanted to try to coach yourself. Is it possible? Yes it is, but much harder than if you get a mentor or coach. It may sound strange to you, but working with obstacles is often where you really get to know yourself. This is also … Les mer
  • Amazon mentoring program
    Amazon have their own mentoring program for more than 179 000 employees.
  • The Significance of Ethics in Mentoring and Coaching – Part 3
    The Global Code of Ethics The Global Code of Ethics supports excellence in the development of coaching, mentoring, and supervision and it raises the standards of practice of their members. It was created by two professional associations in February 2016 – Association for Coaching (‘AC’) and EMCC. Click here to see a full list of the professional … Les mer
  • The Significance of Ethics in Mentoring and Coaching – Part 2
    Maintaining professional boundaries is another critical aspect of ethical mentoring and coaching. Ethical guidelines provide clear boundaries that mentors and coaches should adhere to in their relationships with mentees or clients. These boundaries help prevent the abuse of power and the crossing of lines that could harm the individuals seeking guidance. By maintaining appropriate boundaries, … Les mer
  • The Significance of Ethics in Mentoring and Coaching – Part 1
    Introduction Mentoring and coaching are powerful tools for personal and professional development. They offer individuals the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors and coaches, helping them grow and achieve their goals. However, the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching is greatly enhanced when they are conducted with a strong ethical foundation. In these two articles, we … Les mer
  • The talk – a new podcast from MentorGuru
    I have launched a new podcast called «The talk» at Spotify, in the beginning it will be in Norwegian, but some episodes will also be in English. So if you know or wants to hear/learn Norwegian a link to the Spotify and start listening, there is 5 episodes out already…
  • Closing dinner for the 11`th mentoring program
    In mid may I had closing dinner for the 11`th mentoring program for NHS, and I want to share with you my speech for both the mentee and mentors. In addition all the mentee had a small speech to their mentor, which we filmed because not all could come. The mentee is students within hospitality … Les mer
  • Design thinking approach in designing your life
    Many of you felt something was missing when finished education and starting your first job, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans at Stanford University thought the same for their students. And after teaching design in Stanford University for several years, they realized that their students didn’t have much of an idea about how to kick off … Les mer
  • 3 steps to plan your success
    Planning is half the job and the results are only as good as your plan Its a lot of different sayings, but does it make us plan? Does the difference between failure and success lays in a plan? I don’t know, but I do now that with a plan you are more focused… And I … Les mer
  • Merry Covid- 19 free Christmas
    I really hope its over now and we can have a pandemic free 2022, best of luck for everyone…
  • Leadership When It Matters Most: Should Mentoring Be a Part of the Equation? – Part 2
    As written in the last post leadership is a critical component of any organization’s success, and it is never more apparent than in times of crisis or when important decisions need to be made.  Examples of Effective Leadership and Mentoring Several real-world examples illustrate the positive impact of mentoring in leadership during critical moments: In … Les mer
  • Leadership When It Matters Most: Should Mentoring Be a Part of the Equation? – Part 1
    Leadership is a critical component of any organization’s success, and it is never more apparent than in times of crisis or when important decisions need to be made. Whether it’s navigating a global pandemic, facing financial hardships, or dealing with a major industry disruption, effective leadership can make all the difference. But what role does … Les mer
  • Redesigning the Future
    «Redesigning the Future» was the theme of this summer’s conference hosted by EMCC Global (digital), the 27th in a row. In these post-corona times, it is quite right to think in new directions. We have seen a boom of webinars and now it is the new channel for us and also the podcast is coming. … Les mer
  • How to find a mentor post Covid-19
    Experts says that mentoring will be even more important after the pandemic. But finding a mentor won’t be easy. So even more important to listen to us «profesionals», Joshua Daniel wrote a good article called «6 Ways to Find a Mentor Post-COVID». He is working in Korn Ferry as a Career Coach and says: «Judging … Les mer
  • The Five Game Changers of Coaching
    I read this post in an email from The coaching Institute and wanted to share it with you. The way we work, where we make our purchases, and spend our time is changing.  Online coaches get to enjoy living in «the growing side of the economy.» The business advantages are so vast, we call them … Les mer
  • Are you tired of you?
    Do you know the feeling of being a little tired of yourself? A little tired of everyday life? A little fed up with the way things are? Here’s the good news: Your tiredness can be a good sign. A sign that you need a transformation. Not thinking about a big external transformation, but of an … Les mer
  • Mentoring is a powerful tool
    My mentorblog is all about mentoring — what it is, how it works, how you can learn it and also how you can use mentoring to reach your goal! Mentoring is a powerful and popular way for people to learn a variety of personal and professional skills. In fact, they say that mentoring is one … Les mer
  • How to make yourself happy
    In these times with covid-19 it is even more important too allow yourself to be happy. – Write down 5 things that make you happy! – The reason you should do this is to stimulate an area in the brain that produces the happiness hormones. Notice what makes you happy and do it more…
  • Be an excellent version of yourself
    «Do not try to be perfect, rather be an excellent version of yourself»
  • How to be relevant at work in the future
    It’s not just about keeping up with technology. Interpersonal skills will be at least as valuable to companies in the years to come Yvonne Fosser wrote that in the new business magazine in Norway called AW (Asking Why). I totally understand what she thinks and I really agree, and together with being update on your … Les mer
  • Master Practitioner Accreditation
    I am pleased to officially confirm the award of your EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and Professional Designation at Master Practitioner level.
  • Mentoring program in Covid-19 times…
    In the middle of one of my mentoring programs Covid-19 strikes. And then Norway went into total look down, and almost everything was closed (schools, children garden, bars, restaurant etc) and we were not allowed to meet people. it was like you almost need a permit to go to your office. In my department all … Les mer
  • Mental health – can we use mentoring says that Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Over the course of your life, … Les mer
  • Post Covid-19
    Companies around the globe are struggling to manage and motivate their workforces and enable productivity while dealing with economic uncertainty and layoffs. And while it may seem odd to think about employee retention during this crisis, there’s never been a more important time to focus on how you are supporting your employees—and the future of … Les mer
  • Are you working correctly?
    The Covid-19 period that we have been in for quite some time now, challenges our working methods. Suddenly, you can’t attend the scheduled meeting, work in projects at work, or attend a conference. But we got it, schools have been teaching online, conferences and concerts have been online, even the county championships and the Norwegian … Les mer
  • How do we perceive change?
    Right now we’re all being challenged. Whether it is in the family, with friends or in the business world how much has changed in a short time. And even though we sometimes say «I like change and development», the truth is that we often like the changes we choose for ourselves. Now it can feel … Les mer
  • Coronavirus times
    Stay safe Keep well Stay connected Support each other
  • How to ask someone to be your mentor
    Mentorship has a big impact on workplace wellness and productivity. Nine in 10 workers, 91%, who have a career mentor say they are happy in their jobs.
  • Navigating in a liquid society
    I heard this expression at a conference in Oslo on learning behavior and thought it was our everyday life. We navigate every single day in a society that is constantly changing. And how can we do this best then, not only get through but also get upwards. We will always be a better version of … Les mer
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring at Amazon
    Amazon is one of the big companies who is using mentoring for their employee, their global peer-to-peer mentoring programme is called Amazon Circle and that fosters connections between employees, helping to build more meaningful relationships. Peer mentoring is a form of mentorship that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience (peer mentor) … Les mer
  • Mentoring program for career advisers
    Mentoring program for the Career Advisers in Oslo, Norway. This is the third year we do this and this is the first event for this year. Today they met their mentor for the first time, the are very excited, but first some information.
  • Why not?
    Why isn’t everybody having a mentor? it strikes me, time after time. Everywhere when I talk to people and for people about mentoring. Almost everyone is responding the same way… a big question mark in their faces. I WANT A MENTOR, they say… and the they wondering how to get one. And that is my … Les mer
  • EMCC 2019 Research Award
    EMCC is delighted to announcethe winner of 2019 Research Award Professor Erik de Haan for his research Differences between critical moments forclients, coaches, and sponsors of coaching
  • Yet another mentoring program ends
    The summer is here and typical for that is also that most of my mentoring programs are ending. So tonight its the mentoring program for Cancellers in Career Developing in schools that have been through a one year programs. Can’t wait to evaluate with them and then have a nice dinner.
  • Last evening with the mentoring program in Stavanger University
    This is always a fantastic evening, with all the mentee and mentors. First I meet the mentee for some Feedback and one of the fun question to Ask is  «What do you think your mentor have learned from you»?At first they dont know But after some time they say that maybe Young spirit, new perspective … Les mer
  • Be the first coach in space
    Richard Branson will help European Mentoring and Coaching Council members to compete to be the first coach in space. I think that is something I will consider attending…
  • Training the mentors
    We are so lucky that all the mentors are volunteers and we introduced them to some tools we use, called «The Big Five». Its basically five tools which is important as a mentor, active listening – effective questions – feedback – accountability – recognition. Its always so funny when we are doing the first excercise, … Les mer
  • Training for the mentee
    First they work with «Where are you»? with strength, weaknesses and values. And then they go into «Where do you want to go»? and here they will dream and work with SMART-goals. And in the end «What do you need to get there»? The participants are ready for their first training in Mentor-LELO mentoring program … Les mer
  • Recruiting refugee to a mentoring program
    Our first gathering in Stavanger was to recruit refugees and mentors for Mentor-LELO´s first mentoring program in Stavanger. We have offices in the innovation park and we where 22 people interested. at this first gathering the main focus is to get to known the people, the people should have a positive attitude too us and … Les mer
  • Mentor-LELO
    People ask what our company name means, and I will give you guys an answer here. Mentor is ok right? Ok, we all know that… L = Living E = Exceptional L = Life O = Opportunities So we have a big goal in the company, to help people live an exceptional life… wow, I … Les mer
  • A new mentoring company
    For a long time now me and my partner have been working with a new business idea. We would like to start a mentoring company which is making mentoring programs to refugees to Norway. We want to help them into the Norwegian society and building a strong network here and maybe also getting jobs. A … Les mer
  • Merry Christmas
    I want to wish you all readers a merry, merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2019. I have big plans for 2019 and I will share it with you readers.
  • Mentors matter!
    Mentors matter! Organizations that have a formal #mentoring program have 20% less turnover according to the #GlobalLeadershipForecast via @DDIworld‘s @StephanieJNeal.
  • International day of mentoring
    This Friday is the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MENTORING.   What are your plans for that day? Are we going to be a global trending topic?   #mentoring2018
  • Making an impact in real life
    MENTOR – The National Mentoring Partnership is working with mentoring in the US. And their mission is to fuel the quantity and quality of mentoring relationships for America’s young people and to close the mentoring gap. Pretty big statement and mission right? They do so by bringing a mentor to young people.     Learn more … Les mer
  • Powerful and cost-effective
    Mentoring is arguably one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways of helping people expand and achieve their aspirations. There is also strong evidence that it is a very effective means to retaining talent in organisations, and to create and sustain desired corporate culture. It also offers one of the highest returns on investment in … Les mer
  • 1 st International Mentoring Conference
    This first EMCC International Mentoring Conference brings together a wide range of expertise from multiple sectors and across countries. Its aim is to showcase good practice, along with emerging themes and applications, with a view to making mentoring programmes and relationships even more impactful. The conference will also be a great place to explore the … Les mer
  • First board meeting for EMCC Norway
    Today is the very first board meeting for the new board, 2018-2020), I am so excited. I got elected 3 weeks ago as president for two more years. Today we are going to set the strategy for the next two years, will be excited. We elect the same board, but we got one more member … Les mer
  • General Assembly EMCC Norway
    Today we have the general assembly and I am curios about how many people will show and how will the election go. I am running for president for two more years…
  • EMCC International 24th Annual Conference 2018
    This time the conference is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we are at a Marriott Hotel down in the centre. This was also EMCC`s 24th conference and this time it was 5 delegates from Norway, include my self.  I also got the chance to do the Masterclasses on day One. This time I registered for … Les mer
  • Merry Merry Mentoring Christmas
    Ho Ho Ho from the MentorGuru Santa hoping you all have the best christmas and New Years Eve ever…
  • Starting a new program
    Unfortunately we had to say no to three applications because of few mentors. But we are starting today with mentee training, giving them some tools in personal development. And of course we need to take some time explaining how they can best «use» their mentor. All that we are doing while the university arrange their … Les mer
  • New year, new opportunities and applications
    Today I sit and read all the applications to this years mentoring program at the university in Stavanger, and they all impress me for their motivation. Not only for joining this program, but overall both education and their work experience. A lot of them are raised in one country, education in two different countries and … Les mer
  • My mentoring hero
    I met my big, big inspiration: David Clutterbuck at the conference. I was not surprised since he was one of the founders, but I was nervous… Suddenly in one of the sessions he stands before me and someone introduced me to him. I told him that I was a huge fan and that he is … Les mer
  • EMCC international accreditation
    Dr. Julia Haddock-Millar talked about the accreditation for programs – EQA and for mentors – EIA. EIA – The European Individual Accreditation is an internationally recognized accreditation that demonstrates that an individual practicing as a professional mentor/coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in their practice. EQA – The European Quality Award is an internationally recognized accreditation … Les mer
  • Mentoring Executives
    Professor David Clutterbuck and Kirsten M. Poulsen started after lunch on how to mentor executives, with a lot of examples. They really got me thinking because I am not that good in research on my mentors or my mentee. I will look up and read more about «Your future you»
  • Coaching the next generation
    David Ringwood started session 3 on day 2 and the topic was «Coaching the next generation – a large scale study of generational differences in Europe». Hei was talking about the challenges in the next generations. Especially the new generations (Y and Z) may be perceived as being very nomadic in their attitude to working … Les mer
  • Incoherent coaching
    Dr. Paul Brown had the opening keynote session on the second day. He talked about the brain and the 8 basic emotions. The title was «Incoherent coaching and the amygdala hi-jack trap» Its always interesting to learn more about the brain. You can look here to see more about the 8 basic emotions:
  • Mystery of mastery
    My next training, session 2, was called: “Mystery of Mastery” What makes an excellent coach, excellent”? What is the difference between a good coach and a excellent coach. The trainer was Dr. Stephen Burt. The topic was very interesting, but i felt it became very theoretical, and it become very “namedropping”…He talked about Robert Green, Malcom … Les mer
  • Conference day 1 – Keynote and opening
    Wow, what an opening… for me it was overwhelming just to be in the room of so many fellow mentoring and coaching colleagues. Our President Dr. Lise Lewis put the standard high and not to mention the fantastic Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson. She comes on stage in a wheelchair and told her fantastic story and how … Les mer
  • The energy of a conversation
    My first ever seminar, session 1, is with Belinda Baillie. And she talked about energy – attitude and connection… powerful… The title was: «Working with the energy of a conversation and dancing with the magic».As a mentor i know how important energy is, both for myself, but also for my mentees. She talked about the … Les mer
  • EMCC 23`rd annual Conference 2017
    I am on my way to my first European Mentoring & Coaching Council conference and this year it is Dublin Scotland. I am so excited to be going and not only representing my country as the president of Norway, but also to meet other members and to go to workshop and trainings.  I hope also … Les mer
  • Mentoring program at the university in Stavanger Norway
    I am on my way to see this years mentoring program for the last time. This years program have been a bit different because it didn’t follow the university’s schedule. Next years program will follow the universities schedule, it will be more easy for us. But the program was as good as the earlier years.
  • Big problem with my page
    Hi, I am having big problems with my page due to different updates. Stay tuned and more mentoring articles will come.
  • Success Takes Time and Hard Work—Follow These 5 Steps to Stick With It to the End
    We live in an immediate gratification kind of society and why should the idea of being successful be any different? There are people who really do have a spark. They get a great idea and decide to go for it. But they ultimately fail, only because they do not stick with it long enough for … Les mer
  • ‘Dreams Are for Losers’
    Shonda Rhimes ( And ) hold this speech for the Dartmouth University grads and for me this is a strange thing to say. Yes I can agree if dream is all you do, but if you then put a plan to it… She also says that while you are busy dreaming the successful people … Les mer
  • What if someone else is in charge?
    Sometimes you realise that someone else is in charge of your mentee, it can be your boss, wife/husband, friends or family. When you confront your mentee you have two different possibilities: He or she admits it or they don´t. In either way you as a mentor has a problem. The best way is to invite … Les mer
  • How to get most of your mentor
    It’s a good question and I’m sure everyone already figured out that I am a huge believer in the value of mentors. So I have three simple tip. Be sure to get the right mentor. Before you find a mentor take the time to find out why you want a mentor and what you think … Les mer
  • Merry christmas
    Merry christmas everyone. Thank you for 2015 with my first book out in english and the next coming in a couple of month. And best wishes for 2016! Happy mentoring!
  • A good life
    We all strive for a good life, and we are not sure how to get it. But a common mistake is that things or money will get you a good life, but that is not true, yes you can buy more but will you be more happy then? You must ask yourself, «What, for me, … Les mer
  • The inner dialogue
      Every no and then I am surprised of how people talk about themselves and to themselves. I am characterized as an very positiv person and I try to be that. And I am always disturbed when people say that they are not going to manage this or that. I am trying to tell them … Les mer
  • 4 Ways to Succeed (part 2)
    1. Develop a coherence of mentoring practice within your organization. Whether it is informal or formal mentoring, group or individual mentoring, on site or virtual mentoring, clarify and agree on a robust definition. Communicate and reinforce that definition so it cascades down into the organization. No matter what form mentoring takes in your organization, it is your definition … Les mer
  • Fifty Shades of Mentoring and 4 Ways to Succeed
    It was a dark and stormy night. Secretly, she wanted to cancel their mentoring meeting. She was scared. Scared about driving during the storm and also that if she didn’t meet with her mentor this evening she would miss the opportunity to get timely feedback and support regarding a strategic assignment she had been given by the … Les mer
  • In Entrepreneurship, Mentoring Makes All the Difference
    After interviewed almost 30 different entrepreneurs in 16 different countries for the book «Changing Lives – The Entrepreneurial Way», I have heard a thing or two about mentoring and the importance of a mentor. A mentor could be the one thing you do that can make you a success. The magazine Entrepreneur is having a lot … Les mer
  • Changing Lives – The Entrepreneurial Way
    FINALLY, the book is out! I have gathered 27 stories from 16 countries in a 152 pages book. In all the years I have been working with youth companies I have been hearing all these interesting and unique stories about youth companies, that have gone out and done well in «real life». These are stories that I have used … Les mer
  • What to do with my life?
    I am often asked questions like: «What do I do with my life?» Or «What should my next step be?» – And I answer usually always the same: «Follow your heart and do what naturally inspires you right now!». Indeed, we can speculate and speculate of what we should / should no do, and so … Les mer
  • Reluctance against change
    One of the more paradoxical thing about us humans is that we often have – consciously or unconsciously – to resistance to change. Even if it’s a good change. Once we have converted a routine in our lives, we risk therefore easy to fall back into our old patterns again. Think about how it has been … Les mer
  • Best Mentoring Blog 2014
      In 2011 I created a best mentoring blog ranking that got very popular, actually so popular that I wanted to make this an annual event. The work of finding the best blog is difficult because a lot of them are hiding within the page of the business, but this year I have gotten a … Les mer
  • Lazy holidays 
    When I am writing this blogpost I have been over one week in France. I have been three days in Nice and yesterday we went to Monaco, both fantastic cities. And the weather is fantastic, well a bit to hot for us Norwegians, but we can’t complain. Home in Norway they have 16 degrees and … Les mer
  • Do you want to do a difference?
    Are you one of those people who wants to do a difference? I met a fantastic person in the end of 2014, Sabirul Islam, and he sure is making a difference. Sabirul is an English entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He has written three self-help books. His Teen-Trepreneur board game sold to over 550 schools in the United Kingdom and in 14 countries … Les mer
  • Happiness
    Was one of you dreams about happiness? The majority of us pretend happiness is around the corner, almost within reach. As long as we come to the other side of the New Year. Now if only we try a little harder, earn a little more, put a few more goals, find another partner, take one … Les mer
  • Achieving Your Dreams
    This is an article from Jim Rohn and is newsletter, get on the list her While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, the smaller group is busily working at building and enjoying … Les mer
  • A challenge for you: DREAM
    I know one thing for sure and that is that if you want your dreams and innermost desires fulfilled, then you will have to dare to risk inviting entire life, the highs and lows on the trip and say YES to your dreams. The easter is over and you will maybe start to plan your … Les mer
  • Do you live or do you survive?
    Many of us feel that we use our valuable life energy to survive our life instead of living it. It is one of the things that I most often encountered among people I mentor. Many feel that they have created a life or has «drifted into a life» that they do not know if they … Les mer
    EMCC Nordic conference 21.-22. Sept 2015 in Oslo The event is managed by EMCC Norway with the support of EMCC in Denmark, Finland and Sweden: plus the Swedish Coaching Psychologists Group (Coachande Psykologer). The program is geared towards practitioners (incl. psychologists) who are committed to evidence based practices and actively involved in mentoring and/or coaching. … Les mer