Coaching the next generation

David Ringwood started session 3 on day 2 and the topic was «Coaching the next generation – a large scale study of generational differences in Europe».

Hei was talking about the challenges in the next generations.

Especially the new generations (Y and Z) may be perceived as being very nomadic in their attitude to working life. They are less loyal to the companies and this is a challenge as there is a high risk of losing qualified skills and how much it costs companies to hire new employees.
Businesses have to think creatively to appear as attractive employers. In the past, loyalty programs focusing on bonuses, food arrangements, work / life balance and other employee benefits have been key attraction drivers when it comes to employee motivation.

But Ringwood talked about that new drivers are needed. As mentioned, the focus is largely on personal development, and this is where talent and staff development – for example in the form of mentoring programs – comes into the picture.

This was very interesting and he also talked about Simon Sanok and that we should listen to his Youtube channel: