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The start up series

Are you a potential entrepreneur I really hope that you follow this ten series of start up tips. If you want some more tips, maybe on other matters, follow this link here: Really, really good luck, and don´t hesitate to contact me if you have a question.

Hang Out Your Shingle and Sell – Week 10

In the last installment of our 10-part series, putting your passion to the test. You’ve done all the legwork. All your permits and licenses are in hand. Your dedicated business line is set up with a professional voice-mail greeting. You’ve marked the calendar with a few prospect meetings and networking events. You’ve got your shelves …

Execute Your Marketing Plan – Week 9

You’ll need to be ready when customers start calling. Here’s how to prepare for those initial queries. If you took our advice for week 7, you’ve already created a marketing plan designed to help you spread the word about your business. Now’s the time to establish your marketing infrastructure. You work against yourself when you’re …

Build Your Support Team – Week 8

Even solopreneurs can benefit from a support network. Here’s how to develop an advisory board and get the help you need. Even if you think of yourself as a one-person operation, you’ll need a team of support people to help you create a successful business. From contractors and suppliers to advisory board members and employees, …

Develop a Marketing Plan – Week 7

Learn ways to spread the word about your new business. Plus, how to win your first customers. Without marketing, no one will know your business exists –and if customers don’t know you’re there, you won’t make any sales. When your marketing efforts are working, however, and customers are streaming through the door, an effective customer …

Name Your Business – Week 6

How to decide what you call your company. Plus, choosing a business structure. Of all the decisions you make when starting a business, probably one of the most important is the right name for your new venture: The right name can make your company the talk of the town. The wrong one can doom it …

Find Financing – Week 5

Today, you’ll learn where look for the money you need to launch. Part five in a 10-part series to help you start a business. Once you’ve decided on the type of venture you want to start, the next step on the road to business success is figuring out where the money will come from to …

Write Your Business Plan – Week 4

In this week´s installment of our series to help you launch a new venture, you’ll put your concept on paper. You gain an advantage by building your business on paper first. A business plan’s value goes beyond its ability to help secure a loan package for you. It’s a working document that helps you prepare …

Mentoring entrepreneurs

I just come a mentoring session today with 4 entrepreneurs within education. They are 4 girls and one guy (the last girl couldn´t make it today).


The business idea is to make training for small kids and sell it to schools and kindergardens. It is a lot fun to meet them because they are so enthusiastic and willing to do almost everything you suggest. So today we had a two hours session about their businessplan and a presentation they are going to have on the 22. of september.


I am really looking forward to meet them again and work more with this brilliant idea.


Go Phi, Wenche, Hanne and Erlend. 

The Value Of Mentoring

 Helping business start-ups is a rewarding activity for many retired entrepreneurs and (since selling his own company) it has even become the principal activity for Derek Barr, a business angel with a keen interest in early-stage ventures. Having grown his own specialist engineering concern into an international business, with turnover of £25 million, he sold out to international engineering group GEA in 1996.



Barr has vast experience in training and developing successful executives and his involvement with the London Business School Entrepreneurship Summer School goes right back to the beginning. He has seen the Summer School change in form and scope to what it is today. For him, however, one key part of the programme has not changed – namely the role of mentors.


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