Training the mentors

We are so lucky that all the mentors are volunteers and we introduced them to some tools we use, called «The Big Five». Its basically five tools which is important as a mentor, active listening – effective questions – feedback – accountability – recognition.

Its always so funny when we are doing the first excercise, when you are 2on2 and one is telling a story and the other is like a stone face… and after 3 minutes we change. It is a simple excercise to point out the importance of being presence when you meet you’re mentee and also listen actively.

And then they do it all over. but this time they start to ask questions.

After that we went through the program and the plans for this four month.


People ask what our company name means, and I will give you guys an answer here.

Mentor is ok right? Ok, we all know that…

L = Living

E = Exceptional

L = Life

O = Opportunities

So we have a big goal in the company, to help people live an exceptional life… wow, I can’t wait to start…go go go…

A new mentoring company

For a long time now me and my partner have been working with a new business idea. We would like to start a mentoring company which is making mentoring programs to refugees to Norway. We want to help them into the Norwegian society and building a strong network here and maybe also getting jobs.

A changing world creates new situations with changing conditions and opportunities. The challenges for everyone both in personal life or in the workplace are large and increasingly complex. The Mentor-LELO Mentor program provides a structured framework tool for bringing reflective and evolving conversations.

Our vision is inclusion, equality and self-realization. Achieving higher inclusion of immigrants in the labor market will have a positive impact on the sense of social belonging, promoting inclusion and strengthening integration. On the other hand, all immigrants must have the opportunity to exploit their resources.

Stay tuned…