A good life

We all strive for a good life, and we are not sure how to get it. But a common mistake is that things or money will get you a good life, but that is not true, yes you can buy more but will you be more happy then?

You must ask yourself, «What, for me, would be a good life?»

The things for a good life must come within and from you yourself, but I can give you some tip. I find these tip from Jim Rohn and I want to give them to you, this will be a good start for 2016.

1. Productivity. You won’t be happy if you don’t produce. The game of life is not rest. Yes, we must rest, but only long enough to gather strength to get back to productivity.

2. Good friends. Friendship is probably the greatest support system in the world, so don’t deny yourself the time to develop it. Nothing can match it. It’s extraordinary in its benefit.

3. Your culture. Language, music, ceremonies, traditions, dress. All of that is so vitally important that you must keep it alive. The uniqueness of all of us, when blended together, brings vitality, energy, power, influence, and rightness to the world.

4. Spirituality. It helps to form the foundation of the family that builds the nation. And make sure you study, practice and teach—don’t be careless about the spiritual part of your nature because it’s what makes us who we are, different from dogs, cats, birds and mice.

5. Don’t miss anything. My parents taught me not to miss anything, not the game, the performance, the movie, the dance. Just before my father died at 93, if you were to call him at 10:30 or 11 at night, he wouldn’t be home. He was at the rodeo, he was watching the kids play softball, he was listening to the concert, he was at church—he was somewhere every night.

6. Your family and the inner circle. Invest in them, and they’ll invest in you. Inspire them, and they’ll inspire you. Take care of the details with your inner circle.

He survived!

A couple of weeks ago, the motivation guru Kai Roer drove a truck across Norway.

A strange thing to do, you may say, but not so to him.

He have had an interest for trucks since childhood, and since he have the lisence to drive them, he tend to drive big trucks a couple of weeks every year. As a recreational thing, and as inspiration.

This time, however, things did not go as planned…

To read more: bebetter.no/node/262