Ryan Blair an entrepreneur and mentor

At Oslo Innovation Week in Oslo, Norway I went to a seminar yesterday with Ryan Blair (www.ryanblair.com).
Ryan having launched his career as an entrepreneur in 1998 – at the age of twenty – he has since earned a reputation as a technology pioneer and expert marketer, creating six successful companies and investing in several others the last decade.

Ryan is a passionate writer and speaker. His first published work was released in June of 2006, featured as a contributing author in the Power of Mentorship Vol. II. Ryan is presently working on a book about his life story entitled Faith of the Dots.

So he is a eager spokesman for mentoring, saying that a mentor more or less saved my life. Getting my to write down my goals in early years and learned me to go after it.

Hearing him talking about how important his first mentor was for him is huge. Setting goals he had to be able to visualize and then have the belief in yourself to manage your goals.

Something he talked a lot about was «give more than you receive». Meaning that you can`t only ask your potential mentor for his time and good advice. And not giving anything back, everything from washing mentors car to give shares in your business.