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The Big Five Vol. II

Tweet I am going back to JCI oslo and their mentoring program for the CEO´s  in Young Enterprice. The training will be for their mentors. I had the first training with them in October 2010 and now it´s time for some more input. It will be real fun to hear about their experiences so far …

How do I establish and maintain mentoring relationships when people are geographically distant from each other?

 Answer: Have a  face-to-face meeting when you start the relationship



Distance relationships can be very productive. Breaking the ice and establishing rapport is so much easier, face-to-face.


Begin with a function that brings participants together. The investment outweighs the cost of a failed relationship.


If you cannot get together use videocalls (such as Skype), which is better than email or an ordinary phonecall.


Extra work is necessary to ensure the viability of the long-distance relationship. Extra contact and newsletters help. You may wish to provide participants with regular Mentoring Works Articles? You will find a lot of them here at this blog.


Good luck!


20 Questions to Develop a Successful Mentoring Program

As you may know, I am conducting a lot of mentoring programs both for schools and for businesses. And it is always interesting to see how successful a program is getting. One of the critical thing is the client, not only the goal for the program but also how to implement it. 


I am now working with a school and they are doing a lot of the job to get the price down. This is critical for a school and it is important for me to accept that. But the downside is that I am loosing a lot of the control. The control that I want, but in this case don`t have. 


So when conducting a mentoring program you can use this article belov, and work with the 20 most important thing to get a successful mentoring program. I know I want that in the next program for my client. 


I find this interesting article from The Lindenberger Group


To read more, click here:

Anyone living in Davenport, USA?

If so, Davenport School invites anyone interested in helping children learn to a free tutor and Mentor.
I fell for it, and had to put it in my blog. Here are Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois looking for more mentors for students in Davenport School.

Talk about getting all citizens to work for a good cause!

They put together a seminar October 8th, 1:30 PM at the Davenport Schools Administration Center, 1606 Brady Street Davenport, IA.

And the attendees will learn strategies and techniques for tutoring and mentoring plus what to expect when volunteering in a school setting.

Fantastic! If you live in Davenport and are an elder, don`t you dear not to volunteer!

Read more about this at

Training at JCI Evolution Mentor program 2008/2009

I have just received an invitation to train at the JCI Evolution (Trondheim in Norway) mentorprogram for 2008/2009.

I am going to train all the young people in personal development, the first seminar and a fundamental at the program.

See more at (in norwegian).

This is going to be so much fun, I enjoy very much educating young people. To help them in their beginning of their career.