Reach your goals by coaching yourself

If you don't have a mentor or coach, but you wanted to try to coach yourself. Is it possible? Yes it is, but much harder than if you get a mentor or coach.

It may sound strange to you, but working with obstacles is often where you really get to know yourself. This is also where you find a deeper and more honest path to your goals. You can try the following exercise:

Ask yourself two questions:

1. What is stopping me from reaching my goal?

2. What am I really afraid of in relation to my goal?

Write down your answers and make a list of all your obstacles.

Note to self: 
Avoid superficial explanations such as lack of time, insight and resources.

Instead, examine whether there is anything you fear about the process of achieving the goal.

When you do this work with yourself, the answer will maybe be a form of fear that is not necessarily rooted in reality...

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