Mentoring combined with training…

Every no and the I see different statistic all over the world, this one is from USA and from mentoring point of view it´s very, very good.

According to a study by the American Society for Training and Development,
training alone increased managerial productivity by 24%.

When training was used in combination with mentoring and coaching,
productivity increased by 88%.

Training institute in Spain

Today I am leaving for Spain, Alicante, for looking at a new training facility their. I am really looking forward to it and to have a possibilities to train in Spain. Who will be the first company to sign up for a training here?

The Big Five Vol. II

I am going back to JCI oslo and their mentoring program for the CEO´s  in Young Enterprice. The training will be for their mentors. I had the first training with them in October 2010 and now it´s time for some more input.

It will be real fun to hear about their experiences so far in the program.

JCI Gothenburg

Going to Gothenburg in the end of march for training. It’s a training in leadership, personal leadership. What kind of tools do I got and how to use them.

I will post program soon and some pictures to from the two days training.

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