Are you tired of you?

Do you know the feeling of being a little tired of yourself?

A little tired of everyday life? A little fed up with the way things are?

Here’s the good news: Your tiredness can be a good sign. A sign that you need a transformation. Not thinking about a big external transformation, but of an internal transformation. Because when we feel a little tired in life, it is often because something new is calling us. Something that is more true for us. Quite often, unfortunately, we don’t really get anything done about it. And yet: A crisis hits and tickles us even more. A person you meet on your way awakens something in you.

A book you read goes into a deeper way than usual. Your inner pressure is becoming more and more pressing. Something is calling you. A transformation is lurking around the corner. For me, Corona has caused such a transformation. From having a very full life, where many people’s needs were met (perhaps you know that?) I was suddenly «forced» to quite literally be at home and present in the very close. In time, it would also prove to be a way to – in a figurative sense – be more at home in myself. At first I felt resistance. As we often do when something new comes knocking.

Even if we can feel that it is right for us. Then I got angry: «Why did this have to happen». Anger is (also) often a sign that an inner change in you is intruding. And then, after a frustrating time, I try to change my perspective on the situation we were in. Step by step, my approach to the new situation changed.

I started looking at what story I was actually telling myself and the outside world about the Corona situation. I started looking at my beliefs about the consequences of the Corona epidemic (and there were many of them). And I began to look at my perception of my everyday life as it was before and as it was now, in the middle of the storm. And that changed something. Perhaps you have tried the same or something similar?

Transformation is a big challenge. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity. An opportunity to develop. Move forward in life. What do you want to transform?