Usher and Quincy Jones

Since 1990, MENTOR/National Mentoring ( Partnership has been working to expand the world of quality mentoring. They especially work with mentoring for children mostly because MENTOR believes that, with the help and guidance of an adult mentor, each child can discover how to unlock and achieve his or her potential.

MENTOR is widely acknowledged as the America’s premier advocate and resource for the expansion of mentoring initiatives nationwide. As such, MENTOR works with a strong network of state and local Mentoring Partnerships to leverage resources and provide the support and tools that mentoring organizations need to effectively serve young people in their communities.

MENTOR recognizes that, although nearly 17.6 million young Americans need or want mentoring, only 3 million are in formal, high-quality mentoring relationships.

That means more than 14.6 million young people still need mentors. That unmet need constitutes what we call the «mentoring gap.» MENTOR works to close that gap.

And here you can see a video where the world famous Usher and Quincy Jones telling the importance of mentoring. Usher even say that «You are not succesful until you are able to offer and give back. That is strong word, and right word. It is important for mentoring as an business to get good known people to marketing our work.

To use the word of Usher: «Share what you know»

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