Why Mentoring is Good for the Legal Profession

Some say that mentoring not only benefits the individuals involved, but also pays dividends for the profession as a whole. F.ex. even laywers who are just starting out at a law firm or lawyers who are moving into a new area of practice can learn from the experience of others through a mentoring relationship.

If you practice in a law firm you likely take for granted the fact there is a confidant down the hall who is instantly and easily accessible if a question arises. If you are a sole practitioner, you will appreciate this is a luxury that you don’t have. Mentoring can help newly called lawyers get a leg up on the incredible amount of learning that lies ahead. Law schools and bar courses simply cannot impart the skills and experience that are critical for practicing law proficiently.
No matter what the background of the participants, a mentoring relationship can accelerate the process through which critical skills are gained and can help prevent mistakes. When individual lawyers more quickly increase their skills to become an integral part of the profession and the administration of justice, the profession itself benefits.

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