SoMe strategy plan

I have been struggling for how to reach my audience and wondering if it’s important to have as many followers as possible or what.

The first thing they all say is that you have to start by understanding who you’re audience are and optimizing your profile to appeal directly to them. Ok, but when you have private people, businesses, schools/universities it’s not that easy.

And then they say that I should have a focus on creating high-quality, consistent content and actively engage with your followers through comments and user-generated content. Well I am doing my best here…

So I did something that many recommend, I asked IA, and wow what an answer. I was kind of blown away…

In seconds I had Defind my goals and objectives, had an audience analysis, content strategy/pillar, a posting schedule, a hashtag strategy and an engagement strategy. So I promise to do it and become better, also in here in my blog.

Getting your best year in 2024

If you are like me you are using the time in the end of a year to prepare making your next year even better.

So starting a new year with the intention of making it your best year ever involves a combination of reflection, goal-setting, and intentional action. Here’s five steps to help you get started:

  1. Reflect on the Past Year:
    Take some time to reflect on the previous year. What were your achievements, challenges, and lessons learned? Understanding your past can help you make informed decisions for the future.
  2. Set Clear Goals:
    Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the year. Break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks to make progress more achievable.
  3. Develop Positive Habits:
    Identify habits that contribute to your well-being and success. Establish a routine that incorporates these habits into your daily life. Consistency is key in forming new, positive habits
  4. Develop Healthy Habits:
    Consider adopting habits that contribute to your overall well-being. This could include regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and mindfulness practices. Healthy habits provide a strong foundation for achieving your goals.
  5. Take Action:
    The most important step is to take action. Start working on your goals today, even if it’s with small steps. Consistent action is key to making progress and turning your aspirations into reality.

Remember, making it your best year ever is a process, not an overnight achievement. Stay committed, stay positive, and stay focused on your goals. Celebrate the small victories along the way, and keep moving forward.

And good luck for 2024

Closing dinner for the 11`th mentoring program

In mid may I had closing dinner for the 11`th mentoring program for NHS, and I want to share with you my speech for both the mentee and mentors. In addition all the mentee had a small speech to their mentor, which we filmed because not all could come. The mentee is students within hospitality and hotel management and the mentors is leaders in the same branch, hospitality and hotel management and development.

«A year has gone and I hope you all have excelled because of the program.
To have a mentor is like being in the spotlight and you have a person who follows you. A person who is genuine and sincere.

To be a mentor is rewarding and you also have that spotlight on you. A person is questioning all you do and you get to reflect over your job role.

For the student (mentee) this is a start, you are in the beginning of your career.
Remember this programmed what it did for your development this year. Use mentors next time also AND when time comes BE A MENTOR!

To all the mentors THANK YOU for your dedication and willingness to help a student in the beginning of a career. And helping NHS to make this a special year for the students.

For Å.H and me its fantastic to see the students in the very beginning, in the interview and seeing them now. Its like another person and we know the impact it can have. We thank you all for participated in this 11`th mentoring program for student at NHS».

Thank you!

Design thinking approach in designing your life

Her is the book and its also a workbook you can buy:

Many of you felt something was missing when finished education and starting your first job, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans at Stanford University thought the same for their students. And after teaching design in Stanford University for several years, they realized that their students didn’t have much of an idea about how to kick off their new lives after they graduate. They needed help to design their lives.

Therefore, they created the “Designing Your Life” elective course in Stanford to teach their students how to apply design thinking to their lives and build their careers with fulfillment and joy. The course became the most popular elective in Stanford. Shortly after, its fame expanded to the tech companies in Silicon Valley. Google even has an internal group of facilitators to deliver the “Designing Your Life” program to its employees. For the ones who cannot attend live workshops in the US, Burnett and Evans wrote the book, “Designing Your Life” to share what they teach with the rest of the world.

I saw this very interesting article on Kingstown College website.

Read more about Designing you life and Sinem Bahadırlı and here why into the design thinking world.

Are you tired of you?

Do you know the feeling of being a little tired of yourself?

A little tired of everyday life? A little fed up with the way things are?

Here’s the good news: Your tiredness can be a good sign. A sign that you need a transformation. Not thinking about a big external transformation, but of an internal transformation. Because when we feel a little tired in life, it is often because something new is calling us. Something that is more true for us. Quite often, unfortunately, we don’t really get anything done about it. And yet: A crisis hits and tickles us even more. A person you meet on your way awakens something in you.

A book you read goes into a deeper way than usual. Your inner pressure is becoming more and more pressing. Something is calling you. A transformation is lurking around the corner. For me, Corona has caused such a transformation. From having a very full life, where many people’s needs were met (perhaps you know that?) I was suddenly «forced» to quite literally be at home and present in the very close. In time, it would also prove to be a way to – in a figurative sense – be more at home in myself. At first I felt resistance. As we often do when something new comes knocking.

Even if we can feel that it is right for us. Then I got angry: «Why did this have to happen». Anger is (also) often a sign that an inner change in you is intruding. And then, after a frustrating time, I try to change my perspective on the situation we were in. Step by step, my approach to the new situation changed.

I started looking at what story I was actually telling myself and the outside world about the Corona situation. I started looking at my beliefs about the consequences of the Corona epidemic (and there were many of them). And I began to look at my perception of my everyday life as it was before and as it was now, in the middle of the storm. And that changed something. Perhaps you have tried the same or something similar?

Transformation is a big challenge. At the same time, it is also a great opportunity. An opportunity to develop. Move forward in life. What do you want to transform?

How to make yourself happy

In these times with covid-19 it is even more important too allow yourself
to be happy.

– Write down 5 things that make you happy! –

The reason you should do this is to stimulate an area in 
the brain that produces the happiness 
hormones. Notice what makes you happy 
and do it more...

Master Practitioner Accreditation

Dear Thor-Erik,


I am pleased to officially confirm the award of your EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) and Professional Designation at Master Practitioner level. The details are as follows:

  • Awarded to: Thor-Erik Gulliksen
  • EIA awarded: 17 August 2020
  • EIA valid until: 17 August 2025
  • EIA reference number: EIA20204125

This email come in my inbox in the today from Sarah Lester who is
EMCC Global Accreditation Administrator.

OMG I was so proud and glad after a long time with processing, writing and reflecting on a high level and after interview as well.

Post Covid-19

Companies around the globe are struggling to manage and motivate their workforces and enable productivity while dealing with economic uncertainty and layoffs. And while it may seem odd to think about employee retention during this crisis, there’s never been a more important time to focus on how you are supporting your employees—and the future of your business.

This is the words from Katherine Plumhoff in here article
«The COVID-19 Crisis is a Mentorship Opportunity: Here’s How to Take Advantage of It»

Its the first article I am reading about post covid-19 and I could not be more agreed. In these crisis you must ensure that your employee are ok and feeling taken care off.

And she is very practical, and says that: mentorship is one of the most cost-effective ways you can invest in training and promoting diverse talent. You don’t need to shell out for expensive conferences. You probably already know who the rising stars at the junior levels of your organization are. You just need to set them up with someone more senior who can help them navigate the transition to a leadership role.

Read the whole article her:

About the writer Katherine Plumhoff
Katherine Plumhoff is a writer, editor, and researcher at PowerToFly, the platform for fast-tracking gender equality. She crafts stories about women in the workplace, feminism, and cross-cultural communication. Formerly a team manager at a hedge fund in NYC, she’s now a full-time content creator based in Latin America.