‘Dreams Are for Losers’

Shonda Rhimes (https://no.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shonda_Rhimes And http://wifey.tv/video/shonda-rhimes-dreams-are-for-losers/ ) hold this speech for the Dartmouth University grads and for me this is a strange thing to say. Yes I can agree if dream is all you do, but if you then put a plan to it… She also says that while you are busy dreaming the successful people are busy doing… Well sorry Shonda Rhimes, but I think the successful people also have dreamed it first and then they do… 
 I am a dreamer, and I thought to myself that it is a stupid thing to be. Look around, life is terrible and people are terrible and dreaming is naive and dumb. It’s easy to question the things you are when someone else put a question mark on what you believe in.

But then I remembered that speech «I have a dream» by Martin Luther King,that guy wasn’t naive and dumb—far from it. And he didn’t just talk. He did stuff to try to make his dream come true. And the speaking of the dream, the vision, it infused a lot of other people with energy and hope to act and keep on acting, especially when things were terrible.

I identify myself as a dreamer. But to me, a dreamer is also a doer, a doer also a dreamer. I think that by the very nature of doing something with all your heart and hustle, there is an underlying belief there that what you’re doing matters, that it will propel you somewhere, even if you don’t know or ever dreamed of where. I don’t think dreamers have to know where they’re going either. How can you ever really know?

What you call yourself, what moves you, whether it’s a dream or simply the task of the day, doesn’t really matter, at least not to me.

To me what matters is you using your gifts to their fullest, sharing your art, creating your thing, being your kindest self, and allowing it to grow outside yourself, to seep into the life of someone else, to make it a little better.

Because if you dream of being a writer, you should write. The rest is unknowable, and though you can’t always create the exact outcome you intend, what I’ve learned is you do create a special kind of potential, possibility and growth—a kind that will not exist unless you do your dream. Unless you try. Every day. Even when it feels like it’s going nowhere.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to help but say yes to that.

This is based on an article from the Success Magazine and Isa Adney, read the whole article here: Dreams are for Loosers

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