Dear Thor-Erik Gulliksen,



On behalf of the JCI Training Commission we are pleased to inform you that your application for IG, International Graduate, was APPROVED. You will soon receive by regular mail, your International Graduate Certificate from JCI Headquarters.


The members of the JCI Training Commission would like to congratulate you for this outstanding achievement and welcome you to the International Trainers team.  As a member of JCI select group of experienced trainers, you are invited to continue your support to JCI by conducting international training courses as well as involve, inspire and support the new trainers who are working hard to climb the steps of the JCI Training.  At the same time, we encourage you to keep your focus on reaching the maximum level in the JCI Training Certification, the ITF (International Training Fellow).


As an International Graduate (IG) you are also qualified to become Head Trainer for JCI Designer if you already have attended the JCI Head Trainer course and have conducted all modules of JCI Designer as Assistant Trainer.



You can also offer to conduct a short course at JCI Conferences and/or Congress, especially if you are already planning on attending.


Please continue to log in the training hours you conduct in your database at JCI’s website and as soon as you reach the number of hours required and have completed all other requirements for the next level, you can apply to become an International Training Fellow (ITF).


Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication.  We hope to see you conducting training courses on the international level.




All the best!

JCI Training Director

Elena Beskinskaya
2010 Training Commissioner for Europe

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3 Responses to Congratulations Thor-Erik Gulliksen, new IG!

  1. Ndzulo sier:

    Hey Thor-Erik! Congratulations for achieving the IG training level. Your blog is a gold mine. I’m glad to have found it. Keep it running.

  2. MentorGuru sier:

    Thank you Ndzulo are you in a mentoring relationship or maybe you want to be?

    I also guess that you are an fellow JCI member, what is your LOM an are you active?

    Also thank you for «The gold mine» comment, really keep me going.

    • Ndzulo sier:

      Yes Thor-Erik, mentoring is part of my activities, and I love to learn new things in this field.

      I’m a member of JCI Abengourou in Cote d’Ivoire, a certified national trainer and currently serve as local legal counsel.

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