More about the IG application

As you have understand, It`s not easy to get the application through the JCI Training Commission. And I got an email from the leader about my application.

The first email they wanted me to explain why one of my tools “Active listening” (the very first tool in the Big Five) was very alike some other trainings without taking them in as an reference. Or as they said:

«The JCI Training Commission received your application for IG and by checking the course it was detected that a great part of your course is an identical copy of another course submitted earlier by another trainer.

Because you did not mention the other course or trainer in the credits, the JCI Training Commission would like to hear your explanation on this issue».

I should have seen this coming, It was Kai Roer ( and his training “Active listening”. That was his application for ITF (International Training Fellow, the highest rank in JCI).

We have been developing some trainings around mentoring together and therefore it has some similarities. And I didn`t think of that when I listed up the credits and references.

After sending an email to explain that, and put the right credit where it belongs. AND upload the trainings once more, they told me that they would look at it again.

The next email from the training commission was some small changes to lift the training to the right level. I can`t wait to start working on the changes when I am back from Tunisia and sitting in Sweden (my wife’s parents).

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