Re: Thor-Erik Gulliksen, Your application for IG was not accepted

 What the he… I thought. They didn´t accept my training, seriously it was a good training. But as I was reading the feedback I thought differently, maybe they were on to something. Look here is the feedback:


Dear Thor,

JCI Training Commission evaluated your course and there are suggestions for improvement:



Please, check your course to nbe more accurate prepared: color in notes for trainer does not match –red is activity but its used for instructions for trainers; Different fonts…. Language mistakes



In general more clear instructions and details are needed. Look at your course by the eyes of the trainers who will probably does not know about topic – they will just download the course and will do it.. so it should be as much clear as possible.



Expectations are not only for trainer, but mostly for trainees…



In the active listening part – it does not seems like a lecture.. more like information…. Seems like taken from some book – please, organize it like a lecture. Also the link in the exercise with active listening between activity and debrifieng is needed.



Activity, especially the last one should be  related to the development. Last activity is useless… One of suggestions is  to add instruction about  development of new skill for example..


 Last words after last exercise are the same as at the beginning… also its said – you will now learn more tool. And after its summary – please check that you finesh what you want to express.


And one general comment about the course. JCI Training Commission know that the concept of the Active listening part was designed with Kai Roer. So we don’t mind to see the same concept in your course also.

In the same time we kindly ask you to re write it by your own words. So any concept can be presented in different ways and we need to see your own ability to do it.


So, as soon as you do all improvements, we are looking forward to see your application again



 WOW, I thought it was pretty rough, but I got it under my skin and started working. And here I am at this very day. Working, working and working…



But da… it is going to be very good…. 

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