Feedback – Yes or No?

I had a good discussion with a coach from Erickson College ( and we disagree on something which is very important for me. Feedback…

At Erickson College they learn that as a coach you should never give feedback – because it will lead the coach to do the same next time.

For me this is so very wrong for what I am thinking and doing as a mentor. I have feedback as one of the five tools to use as a mentor. But of course you have to be careful and discuss more about the feedback and what to bring further.

For my friend, the Erickson College coach, that wasn´t any better, but he understood what I meant . And that is a reminder that there are different methods and possibilities.

And as a mentor or coach is it important to think this trough, and find out what you would do and what suits you as a mentor or coach. There is nothing wrong about feedback, the mentee or coach is the main person her not the tool. Remember that…

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  1. Maybe the question is not whether to give feedback or not but HOW to do it. While mentoring might focus on more direct feedback communication, coaching techniques (at least those I have learned) are more about helping a person coming to insight on their own on what could be improved by asking the right questions. As you say it is the coachees/mentees perspective that counts hence feedback should also be in their perspective with respect to their values and goals.

  2. I agree Carolina, it´s how to give feedback. I also agree that mentoring focusing on giving more direct feedback but they also help the person to come to insight on their own.

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