Getting the Most out of Mentoring – Part II

I strongly believe in the power of mentoring in developing leaders. During my years with mentoring I have found that there are things you can, as a mentee, can do to get the most out of the mentoring sessions. Here is some questions you can use in each part.


M – meet
E – explore
N – needs and requirement
T – time and resources
O – options
R – review




• What expectations do you have for this MM-meeting?

• Are there any particular topics you want to talk about?

• What would be a good outcome of this MM-meeting for you?



• What is the problem that you want to talk to me about?

• What is going to happen that is not happening now, or what you do not want to happen?

• Describe how the problem manifests itself in daily life and the story behind

• When and how often does that happen?

• How would others describe the situation?

• What have you done and what has worked / – not worked?


Needs and requirement

• What has been new in the course of the conversation?

• What will you take next?

• What will it take for you to try what we have talked about?

• What is positive and what is negative in this solution?


Time and resources

• What can I do as a mentor to help you further?

• Is there someone who can help you, if so who?

• What do you need to reach your goal?



• Will there be of real value to you?

• Can you get on now?



• What is the most important thing you bring from our meeting?

• How specific plan do you have now?

• Let us summarize the key points

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