How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Time

How do you start your day?

Over some years no, I have tryed to plan all the things I have to do by writing everything down the night before.

I found that drawing up your list the night before prompts my subconscious to work on my plans and goals while I am asleep.

And when I wake up, I feel ready to tackle my challenges.

You should also try this, here are some tip:

A Written Plan

Lists of goals, tasks and objectives are of no help unless they’re written. Putting your plans on paper makes a seemingly elusive goal more concrete.

Urgency vs. Importance

An unexpected phone call or a drop-in visitor may be urgent, but the consequences of dealing with either may not be important in the long run. The urgent is other-oriented, it’s caused by someone else. Important things are self-directed and have the greatest value for you.

As a tool you could use Stephen R. Covey´s  «The Time Management Matrix»

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