Friends in Tunisia

When you are a member in Junior Chamber International ( you have friends everywhere. I become a member in 1996 and a senator (Honorary life membership in JCI. The highest individual honor a member can receive)  in 2006.


All my time in JCI have I heard that I have friends everywhere and just an e-mail from a place to sleep or a friend in a new city. Well I did try on Malta for some years ago, and it was big fun. I got to be in a monthly meeting and then we took a beer in the hotel where the meeting was.


When I was visiting Tunisia on summer vacation for two weeks with my wife and some friends I did it again. I meet two JCI members from Tunisia. I wrote on my Facebook site about my trip to Tunisia and then we started e-mailing each other and finally meet at my hotel.


For me it was very fun to get to know more about Tunisia, their politics and people. And of course they learned something about Norway as well. We where talking for several hours and shake hands goodbye as close friends. Of course as close you can come after several hours talking.


I am very honored that Nawel Khelil and Wassef El Abed wanted to meet me. They spend some time getting to my hotel because I was staying in Hammamet and they where living in Sousse.


Thank you Nawell and Wassef, hope to see you again very soon!


And tomorrow I am leaving for Kiev in Ukraine, I wonder if there are some JCI members there…

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