Learn from classical music


How to be a good mentor? Practitioners of classical music have much to teach, says musician, Norwegian Champion winner in tennis and scientist Ingrid Røynesdal. 

(from august 2008 by Nina Kraft)


Røynesdal believe corporations has much to learn of how the sportcoaches reveal the best from the atlets with close follow-up, and the coaches put up ambitious programs for personal development. 


But even more, she meens that business can learn from classical music. Musicians can at least just as closely follow-up and learningmasters is other top-musicians. 

 The most talented supporting a mass, very tough criticism, according to Røynesdal. A piano master who coach a young and promising pianist, can be merciless. 


It is also common to throw the younger out of the deep water and give her big tasks. That is good – but the premise is that the younger generation knows that her talent will be fully seen and recognized. 


Talents are spur of the criticism, if it is reasoned, honest and legitimate. In the business world, I have noticed a tendency to not say anything, perhaps because it is uncomfortable. It is much worse, she believes. 

 In addition, mentors for a talent should take care of the pleasure to perform. That´s were the pianist looks the most obvious difference to the business sector. 

 – The most talented are driven by their enjoyment of the job, "says Røynesdal.

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