Training Weekend in the Archipelago of Gothenburg

 The day before the training in JCI Gothenburg we went over to the city of Gothenburg, my wife, Lina (from Syria) and I. We had booked us into a nice hotel in the center for relaxing, enjoy and to show Lina the town (since my wife is from Sweden). After the tour of the city, Lina and I had time to plan the next day’s training before it was time for dinner in a town restaurant. 


 After 1 hour’s drive against the norwegian border, the training could start. The training "The Big Five" with Lina as co trainer for the first time. The participants were quickly tested himself as a mentor and mentee. The training is specifically structured so that there is so little time as possible to the theory and explanations, but a lot of time to practice. The first exercise where the mentee will talk only and mentor to listen (and do not show any signs to follow, or say something) is a practice that creates an aha experience. Here is where the importance of body language and to follow and immerse themselves in conversation. 


 Then, we went on where the mentor in the next exercise could ask questions, and here things is starting to fall into places. And all are amazed at how quickly time passes. Last exercise is where the mentor can come with questions, feedback, and not least, the mentor should try to get the mentee to reach a deadline. "When are you going to…"


 The exercises and not least the number of exercises will allow participants to get tested as a mentor several times, and that is the meaning. Learn it and do it! 


 On the way, we had several discussions related to the exercises and how they think it was and if the mentee thought that the mentor did well or something that mentor could improve. But all the trainings come to an end and unfortunately this also did, after four hours it was over and the participants an experience richer. 


After a training people will always be discussing things or ask more questions, so also this time. And as trainers is Lina and I especially happy when the participants are telling us that this was a surprisingly practical training. And that was what made it special and good, namely that the tools they could now go out in life and use. Already the next day, they actually could start to be a mentor on the job or in their spare time, or perhaps in the marriage. 


 I hope that some of the interesting ideas that emerged in the training becomes a reality, that JCI Gothenburg start a mentor program. That way, more people could get even better personal development and achieve their goals. 


 THANK YOU, JCI Gothenburg, Thank you from Lina and Thor-Erik. 

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