Mentoring Works – No. 1 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2011 list.

Mentoring Works is devoted to developing and supporting mentoring.


Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting.

At here blog Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.


The website assist us in:

  • Training and learning mentoring skills
  • Planning your workplace mentoring strategy
  • Managing your mentoring program

She is also the winner of:


These are the best of the best within everything from «Best Talent» to «Best Services» and  «Best Mentoring/Coaching Program»,
with her client NSW Department of Community and Family Services for their Aboriginal Management Mentoring Program.


Click here to view here blog:

or here to view here website on Mentoring Works:

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