Best Mentoring Blog 2012

Last year I started my blog list of the best mentoring blogs on Internett, it’s a wide range of blogs out there and some are business sites as well. To gather the best blogs/sites demands me to look not only for bloggers but also for company sites. The aim is to gather the best sites about mentoring, I can see that calling it best mentoring blog required to only look at blogs, but I hope that in my strive to find mentoring information that is ok.

I want to find the blog with information about mentoring, so that if you want to start as a mentor or maybe start a mentoring program you can look at that blog.

I also have a new logo, a logo that look more like a diploma. And a more energized color, red.

I will post the list within short time, and then making an article on the best three blogs.

Mentor Resources – No. 3 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2011 list.

Over the past 10 years, Mentor Resources, a San Francisco-based executive and management leadership center, has created and managed partnerships, matching thousands of mentoring pairs to provide growth opportunities for the development of tomorrow’s corporate leaders.

The ability to match mentees with appropriate mentors, combined with their training programs, means that their mentees consistently overachieve – most reaching five year goals in only one year. This outcome is largely due to maximized learning and the mental and emotional information transfer by mentors. They invite us to see the world of mentoring through their eyes and they will show us a world that really works.



Mentoring Peers – No. 2 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2011 list.

«Some people spend a lifetime attempting to live according to cultural images that never quite fit them. Whenever a knight of the Grail tried to follow a path made by someone else, he went altogether astray. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s footsteps. Each of us has to find our own way.»

Peer work in business, university, school and community settings. Links to and descriptions of peer associations, services, and programs. Lists of workshops, seminars, and peer conferences, and criteria for National Peer Trainer Certification. A who’s who of peer work.

Why reinvent the mentoring wheel? Let us do it for you. You get the benefits and features, and we do the work. Consider joining the Peer Resources Network. Access to the best documents, manuals, training materials, and mentor program details.

This is a fantastic website and a database full of materials for people who work with mentoring, be a member for a small sum of money and get access. To read more on their website, click here:

Mentoring Works – No. 1 on The Best Mentoring Blog 2011 list.

Mentoring Works is devoted to developing and supporting mentoring.


Ann Rolfe is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading specialist in mentoring, and is available for speaking, training and consulting.

At here blog Ann shares her knowledge and allows you to ask your most pressing questions about mentoring.


The website assist us in:

  • Training and learning mentoring skills
  • Planning your workplace mentoring strategy
  • Managing your mentoring program

She is also the winner of:


These are the best of the best within everything from «Best Talent» to «Best Services» and  «Best Mentoring/Coaching Program»,
with her client NSW Department of Community and Family Services for their Aboriginal Management Mentoring Program.


Click here to view here blog:

or here to view here website on Mentoring Works:

With unemployment at current levels, why would any manager focus on mentoring? Why spend money on current employees when they should be happy to have their job?

Guest Blog: Kim Wise, the founder of Mentor Resources

As an observer of the business environment, I find myself startled at the short-sightedness of managers who make comments like these.  These questions are short-sighted and reflect the commentator’s own fears.  Any company that expects to stay in business for the long haul needs to be constantly monitoring and upgrading its skills.

It is well documented that an outstanding manager (or employee) will contribute significantly more than an average employee in the same position to the firm’s bottom line.  Thus, it should be obvious that leveraging your best employees impacts the bottom line in a meaningful way. Today especially, every manager needs every one of his or her employees to be a better than average employee.  Rather than taking employees for granted (“since there are no jobs out there”), managers should be focused on increasing engagement, efficiency and proficiency at the job.

The impact can be meaningful: In a Harvard Business Review article on Employee Engagement, BestBuy shared that a 0.1% increase in average employee satisfaction within a store increases revenues, at that store, by $100,000 per year.

Mentoring is the fastest way to share the perspective, insights and knowledge of the outstanding employees.  Tacit knowledge is the counterpart to classroom learning.  It’s the subtle lessons of experience and observation over time.

When an employee who has been successful in the organization agrees to mentor a less experienced employee and they click – creating a good mentoring experience – the perspective of the successful employee is leveraged and magnified.

There are software tools that can help the mentor matching, to cost effectively maximize the mentoring program.  The market leader is Mentor Resourceswhich provides software for the administration of formal mentoring programs. WisdomShare™ is a proprietary algorithm which matches Mentors and Mentees to create a good match, where the pair share personality traits. This software is often supplemented by Mentor Training by a consultant like Thor-Erik Gulliksen.

Kim Wise is the founder of Mentor Resources, a premier provider of tools for formal mentoring programs, using WisdomShare™ an artificial-intelligence matching system. The software has been selected by a number of European-based multinational corporations because it generates the best possible match for the Mentor/Mentee pair, with clear guidance and measurable goals which are strategically aligned with the organization’s long-term goals.

Best Mentoring Blog 2011


When I started with mentoring back in 1999 I was reading everything I could find on the internet about mentoring and other supporting themes. I didn´t find it easy to find something and a lot of the pages was consultants who wanted money for every thing bit.

There and then I decided to by one of the few with a internet page with information about mentoring, just because I find mentoring so useful. It´s kind of mentoring to the masses…

So when I started my blog back in 2008 one of my goals was to find the best blogs about mentoring. Of course I also want to be on the list.

I started with a goal to find 25 of the best mentoring blogs, because I saw that leadership blogs have a similar competition for the 50 best leadership blog. Mentoring is a bit smaller than leadership, therefor 25. But in the end I had to narrow it down to 18.

At the same time its difficult to know which glasses to wear when looking. Am I a first timer to mentoring, a coordinator or consultants? And I know some people will have some others on the list, and that is very good. A discussion about this will only make it better.


So with some doubts present this list of «The Best Mentoring Blogs 2011».


Mentoring DO works

One of my biggest influencer is Ann Rolfe, she is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading specialist in mentoring, and Ann shares her knowledge about mentoring on her blog:


She is an award winner in Asian-Pacific in e-learning&training, and she won it for Best Mentoring/Coaching Program, with her client NSW Department of Community and Family Services for their Aboriginal Management Mentoring Program.

Mike The Mentor

Here at we are looking for “The Best Mentoring Blog 2011″ and this is a good candidate. At you can see why.

Mike is the Senior Partner with Jericho Partners and a recognised authority on leadership coaching.


He has been coaching individuals and teams for nearly 20 years – helping them develop their capacity for leadership and achieve increased levels of performance, effectiveness and fulfillment. He works with coaches and mentors as a supervisor to help them ensure the quality of their work and to support them in their professional development.

For many years Mike was on the faculty of The School of Coaching where he trained coaches and managers in coaching skills, and was an associate with The Centre for Creative Leadership where he worked on their leadership development programmes. He has also been an academic, a software developer, a management consultant with the PA Consulting Group, and a psychotherapist.

Some Current/Recent Clients
Mike has coached and mentored board directors, executives and professional staff across a range of industry sectors, nationalities

and cultures. His clients have included Lloyds TSB, the NHS, PwC, HSBC, Siemens, Oxfam, RBS, Cisco, BT, M&S Money, Roche Products, Octavia Housing Trust, Symbian, Serco, Oracle, Royal Town Planning Institute, Department of Health, and Deutsche Bank.

And you can also find a lot of good information at their website. So look it up, and find out more about Mike The Mentor.

So this was one of the candidates for “The Best Mentoring Blog 2011″