Best Mentoring Blog 2011


When I started with mentoring back in 1999 I was reading everything I could find on the internet about mentoring and other supporting themes. I didn´t find it easy to find something and a lot of the pages was consultants who wanted money for every thing bit.

There and then I decided to by one of the few with a internet page with information about mentoring, just because I find mentoring so useful. It´s kind of mentoring to the masses…

So when I started my blog back in 2008 one of my goals was to find the best blogs about mentoring. Of course I also want to be on the list.

I started with a goal to find 25 of the best mentoring blogs, because I saw that leadership blogs have a similar competition for the 50 best leadership blog. Mentoring is a bit smaller than leadership, therefor 25. But in the end I had to narrow it down to 18.

At the same time its difficult to know which glasses to wear when looking. Am I a first timer to mentoring, a coordinator or consultants? And I know some people will have some others on the list, and that is very good. A discussion about this will only make it better.


So with some doubts present this list of «The Best Mentoring Blogs 2011».


Mentoring DO works

One of my biggest influencer is Ann Rolfe, she is internationally recognised as Australia’s leading specialist in mentoring, and Ann shares her knowledge about mentoring on her blog:


She is an award winner in Asian-Pacific in e-learning&training, and she won it for Best Mentoring/Coaching Program, with her client NSW Department of Community and Family Services for their Aboriginal Management Mentoring Program.

Mentor Resources

Here at we are looking for «The Best Mentoring Blog 2011» and this is a good candidate. At you can see why.

Mentor Resources is a second largest provider of web-based software for the administration of large-scale, formal mentoring programs. WisdomShare™ has been designed for ease of use by the program administrator and participants. Mentors and Mentees are matched using WisdomShare™’s unique, proprietary matching algorithm, which uses skill requirements, job level, work experience and over a dozen personality characteristics to deliver the best possible mentoring match.

Client results include rapid knowledge sharing for on-boarding of new hires, increased skill transfer within communities of practice, higher engagement for employee resource groups and improved sponsorship of high potential employees. Mentor Resources’ mentoring solutions are used by members of the S&P 500, FTSE 100 as well as non-profits and professional organizations in over 75 countries.

And you can also find a lot of good information at their website. So look it up, and find out more about Mentor Resources.

Later we will post a guest post from Elizabeth Pearce from Mentor Resource.

So this was one of the candidates for «The Best Mentoring Blog 2011»